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A final self-reflection report is required to complete the portfolio assignment. This will require you to reflect back over the module and using your portfolios to write a report. This report should identify how you have applied the knowledge and skills of organisational behaviour issues learned in the module. It is useful to describe in the beginning that this report is based on self-reflection. We are been asked to write a report for organisational behaviour and to identify them how did we applied theories and skills of ORGANISATION BEHAVIOUR in our life. The structure of the report is based on Kolb’s learning cycle.

This means the report should include introduction, experimental stage, experience, observational stage also the conclusion and bibliography. In general, learning different theories of personality, I benefit a lot in different areas of life. There were issues in my mind that personality doesn’t change and we will remain same for whole life as it is transferred to us from our inheritance. Theories of personality helped me to come out of that specific thought. I changed my aspects of personality with the help of MBTI TEST. I was introvert type of person but later on I realised that these things are not got to be useful for my future life.

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I read different theories and concept of personality and considered myself to be changed as an extrovert. As used to be introvert, I was gone through some worst experiences that were dreadful and shocking for me. Being an extrovert now I am living a very happy life and this all is because of personality MBTI test and Organisational Behaviour reading. I am working in departmental store and now being as an extrovert my relations with client and colleagues are very good and this comes in front of me when they forward me with good words to my seniors and with regards of it I am promoted early to higher rank.

As stated in portfolio 2 attitude has three types that are cognitive dissonance, effective and behavioural. I was lacking behind in all of these before I read this module. This can be narrated with the example that my attitude wasn’t good in everything. Eventually studying different concepts and chapters for attitude from organisational Behaviour, I gain lot of knowledge regards to Attitude. I am now very considered towards people. I was given been appointed as Trainee Supervisor in my work where I was been asked to send fresh starters of departmental store to training.

I was very kind and helpful to them as they got mixed with me easily. Later on giving feedback to my manager from those trainees. My manager appointed me as their Floor supervisor because they all appreciated my attitude towards them. Motivation is the decision-making process through which the individual chooses desired outcomes. I wasn’t motivated to my life before and I was lacking in my studies, relation with family, friends and work. After studying different theories of Maslow and Taylor, I changed myself to good level.

I considered now what my goals are what I should achieve in my life and what specific skills do I need for them. One good experience that happened with me was that before studying this module, I was lazy student and doesn’t submitted my work on time but when I studied different Motivation theories in detail I started working hard from the beginning of the semester and finished my course work three weeks earlier than the exams. I started motivating my friends for their work to finish that before target date.

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