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Organizations now days are using teams so that they can achieve coordination, which is now considered as a main part of the company’s formal structure. And teams also help with encouraging involvement of employees within the company. When there is employee involvement through teams, it helps to bring the employees from the lower levels of the hierarchy, in the decision making process. Most teams go through systematic stages of development and team conflict is a part of the team’s development.

All teams experience some conflict because of scarce resources, ambiguous responsibility, communication breakdown, personality clashes, power and status differences and goal conflicts. The advantages of using tams include increased motivation of employees, diverse knowledge and skills, satisfaction of the team members and organizational flexibility. Potential costs of using teams are power realignment, free riding of some team members, there are coordination costs and finally there are some legal hassles.


It must be remembered that without teams an organizations now in this age will not be able to operate properly. (Luthans, 2006) The problem about Joe is that he is a team player and is a very hard worker who completes the tasks which is given to them the only problem with Joe is that he isn’t able to communicate with his subordinates properly. And as the team head he needs to communicate with his subordinates and discuss his problems. Department Supervisor The leaders of the organization would be able to create a successful environment and they would also create a capacity for change.

And help their employees to accept change. Making a difference as a leader today and in the future requires a very different approach from the past. As the department head it is the duty of Joe to be able to communicate with the subordinates who work under him. And if he is not communicating with them then the following issues can arise:- • Communication Breakdown: Problems like communication breakdown arises because individuals assume, wrongly, that the other person’s attitudes, values, knowledge and beliefs.

Breakdown of communication can happen through selecting the wrong channel or medium for delivering a message can create a problem. For example, in this case the message for changing had been sent through a memo, since written messages are formal, the employees might have perceived the message wrongfully. And another way for communication to breakdown is through semantics. Semantics pertains to the meaning of words and the way they were used. For example, the word effectiveness may mean achieving high production to a factory unit, whereas in human resource it means employee satisfaction.

(Mendonca & Kanungo, 2007) Person There should be a great deal of communication between the leader and the followers, so the both parties learn about each other and so that the task can be completed on time and the project becomes a success. The leader should be sensitive to the needs of its followers as well because if the flower believes that the leader is not sensitive to their needs then the follower will become dissatisfied and this would lead to his or her decrease in productivity. But in case of Joe, he is an achievement oriented leader.

What happens in this case is that the leader sets clear and challenging objectives for his subordinates. The leader behavior stresses on high quality performance and improvement over current performance of the subordinates, but the only problem here was that his inability to communicate with his subordinates and only interested in completing his tasks. Joe is an important employee of the organization but his inability to socialize and communicate with other in the company and this created problems for all the members and himself. (Werther & Davis, 1996)

Recommendations The leaders need to be accommodative; this would help the company to build credits for later issues and it will minimize the loss when the company is losing and it will also create harmony and stability in the company’s environment. And the leaders should use compromise as well, if they believe that the goals of the company are important. It will help the company to achieve temporary settlements to vey complex issues and problems and finally the company will be able to use it as a backup if collaboration along with competition fails.

Because the increase in diversity within organizations is very important due to social cultural changes and changing of the work force. Therefore it all comes down to Human Resource department to train and develop the employees so that they are more adaptable towards change. It is important for the leaders to encourage the team members would through motivation and with some sort of compensation for a job well done. Motivation of the team members can be done through empowerment. The best way the team leader can handle conflicting pressures from above and below would be through bargaining or negotiating.

The leader would attempt logical problem solving to identify and correct the conflict that might have risen in the team members. The approach works really well if the individuals can set aside personal animosities and deal with the conflict in a businesslike way. The same approach can be used by the team leader when he or she is dealing with top management References Luthans, Fred (2006), ‘Organizational Behavior’. McGraw-Hill Mendonca, M & Kanungo, R N (2007), Ethical Leadership. McGraw-Hill International Werther, W. B. & Davis, K. (1996), Human Resource & Personnel Management. McGraw-Hill

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