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Designed to be an applied behavioral science methodology to improve organization’s problem solving and renewal processes, organizational development seeks to enhance collaborative management and increase the organization’s effectiveness and wellbeing within the culture of a given organization. “Organization development can be facilitated by a change agent, who could be internal or external to the organization and whose job title could be manager, human resources professional, or consultant.

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” (Huffington, 1997, p27) An organization, a group working together toward a shared goal associated with the concept that an organization essentially becomes more effective with an internal planned process is the overall goal. A series of organizational components involving self-analysis on the part of the employees or members are correlated with planning and system wide organizational improvements. The process seeks to produce a specific type of positive change process and a desired particular end result.

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“Traditional organizational development practices suggest that the term itself “remains a convenient label for a variety of activities, and that the organizational development literature, as a whole, is more autobiographical than organizational in focus and scope. ” (Cunningham, 1993, p253) The crux of the multifaceted approach is focused on behavior modification, altering beliefs, commonly held positions, values, and the over all makeup of organizations so that technological advancement, market changes, and operational demands are addressed and processed more effectively.

Micro and Macro Relationships of Individual Development and Organizational Development Individual development is at the heart of operational development, which is a micro perspective of operational development. “Career development is a process requiring individuals and organizations to create partnerships. ” (Gilley, 2002, p94) A micro perspective maintains that each employee contributes to the overall efficiency of the organization through increasing skills, competencies, knowledge, and attitudes.

The macro perspective holds that the organization is the principal beneficiary of leaning interventions and change and individual employees are viewed as secondary in the development process. Because there are both micro and macro views of improved organizational efficiency, organizations generally maintain both an individual development process and an organizational development process. The result is not in the approach or methods used to obtain improved organizational efficiency hut in the commonality of the micro and macros perspectives. The principal commonality is that improved performance and personal growth of the individual employee

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