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In this paper you will find a variation of discussion topics regarding each member of Team B and their particular business organization. The team will discuss the perception of politics and power in each member’s individual work place. According to Dictionary. com perception is defined as the neurological process by which such recognition and interpretation are affected. A second definition is the immediate or intuitive recognition or appreciation, as of moral, psychological or aesthetic qualities; insight; intuition and discernment.

What the definition fails to mention is the actual power of perception. Perception can often form a particular mindset that is not based on facts but based on what you think the facts are. The team will go into detail regarding the similarities and differences between the perceptions of each member’s organization. Stress in the workplace has and will continue to be a problem in the workplace. Stress at work creates high costs for businesses while also reducing employee morale, efficiency productivity and eventually salary of earnings.

Organizational Issues and Trends TOPICS SPECIFICALLY FOR YOU

When it comes to financial issues caused by stress at work managers are usually very sympathetic and understanding of the stress and try and find ways to curb the problem. There are a couple of methods for coping with stress that many organizations are considering; stress management programs for employees and organizational changes that might help improve working conditions. In fact according to Ellen Jaffe roughly half of the large corporations provide their employees with stress management training or therapy.

Employee Assistance Programs or EAP’s are in place to help employees with personal issues and stress that may be negatively affecting their jobs. These EAP’s are confidential so one does not need to worry about other employees finding out about their discussions. Team B will compile a list of strategies that will help with managing stress. Team B will evaluate the business and ethical considerations of operating organizations on a global scale. Organizations operate differently in different countries; so, many issues can arise in foreign business operations.

Many ethical issues can surface in which judgment and direction is very much needed from the management level. Lastly the team will assess and discuss the evolutionary trends in organizational behavior and how those trends might impact organizations. We first must understand what evolution means in regards to organizational behavior. Evolutionary trends or changes are the changes that happen over long periods of time such as the meaning of evolution in the scientific manner.

Evolutionary trends can be narrowly focused trends such as sociotechnical or total quality management. According to George and Jones sociotechnical systems are ideas about how organizations should choose specific kinds of control systems that match the technical nature of the particular workplace whereas total quality management is an ongoing and constant effort by all of an organization’s functions to find new ways to improve the quality of the organizations goods and services. We hope that you find this paper both educational as well as entertaining.

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