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The engine of global economy is showing the sign of rapid growth tying the diverse cultures in a common cord for prosperity and development. And this all has been made possible with the Information Technology. It is the technology that has taken the world by storm, allowing the whole set of diverse organizations to build the relationships binding them technically and culturally. According to Bill Gates, “Every year, better methods are being devised to quantify information and distill it into quadrillions of atomistic packets of data”.

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(Brown Seely, 2000). The Information technology has transcended the limitations of time to solve all the issues facing the Organizations like reforming oneself, reorganizing, overcoming obstacles in this competitive world, to adapting themselves for a change. (Marquardt, (1996)). In last 30 years Innovative technologies has made the world into a one family by providing us with access to people and resources everywhere.

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Since its foundation in 1975, Microsoft has made waves for the new innovation technologies to enter in the organizational setups making it more convenient and valuable in the past three decades. In 1990,s number of highly sophisticated information system induced number of organizations to make their investment in distributed computing systems and in decentralizing the management of information. However, now several networking technologies and groupware applications are not only facilitating in collaborations, but also giving guarantee for providing the share in information.

We cannot say that technology alone can boost the unwilling managers to take part in private information, but Information Technology can harness the power of organizational culture and help in making the information to spread across the organization effectively. Hereby Information Technology can help in building the organizational culture, with trust, teamwork and credibility, along with reward systems to achieve the desired results. (Ravindran S. 1997)

Information Technology has made the world entered in our Bed rooms and in the comforts of our home and office creating a whole new social dynamics in the process. The digital technology too has revolutionized the way of our working as compared to the rail road. In today’s world as suggested by Jay eckles in his essay (Information Technology: Meeting the Challenges of Virtual Cross-functional Teams), described how organizations have virtually utilized the Information Technology for their growth and development.

He said that Organizations have cross-functional teams to make critical decisions but owing to their diverse characteristic nature, that poses problems for effective team work, like creating trust and thus the most prominent thing is to build the Social culture so that employees are willing to work together. And this important role is played by Technology to build links for bringing all team members in a one platform. Another most Important role that Technology plays is the share of Knowledge by the team members which otherwise would have become impossible.

Yet another crucial aspect to it is of bestowing the importance for effective communication. (Kimball and Eunice, 1999) (McUsic, 1997. -) . Information Technology have helped the Organizations to develop the purposive systems for Organizations that uses the method of scanning which is a process by which organizations can get any information to make critical decisions. The surveillance and search in scanning is basically determined by environmental stimuli, magnitude and direction of the discrepancy that can emerged between the actual goal and to its final realization (Schoderbek, Schoderbek & Kefalas, 1980).

On one hand surveillance is very useful for gathering information but search is more useful to provide the satisfactory solution for a specific problem. The systems those are very complex in nature needs complex controllers in order to remain consistent in organizational needs with the change in organizational structure. Scanning is very important as it gives the firm desired competitive edge. (http://www. kmbook. com/change/overview. htm). Many of the companies are using voice and data computer networks to serve as the base infrastructure for effective flow of the work, and providing portal solutions.

Number of available telecommunications has provided technologies like distributed systems and client-server architecture to bring about the empowerment from lower levels. In the Organizations where there is high scope of Information Technology, workers are given empowered to give necessary information and perform higher-level tasks. The Information Technology has even touched the grass roots levels in organization set-up to make the lower staff have an easy access too. Information Technology has also helped the Organizations structure to minimize the coordination costs.

Because of the Increase in Insecurity, Information Technology can decrease the diversity of output, reduce considerably the differentiation and integration process of activities and reduce the information processing requirements. There are several communication tools, like telephones, postal services, express delivery but Internet has surpassed all, with email at the net-users disposal, it has become very convenient and cheap to cross the written communication to one another, to pass the files back and forth and chatting facility.

Desktop video conferencing is one step ahead to bring the team members together, with speakers, microphone along with camera attached to their computer, members are able to see each other and have a glance at kinesic clues like facial expressions, even DVC systems are also joined with collaborative applications, to make the users assess and share data using applications with highly productive work sessions. (Townsend, 1998).

Then Information Technology has also helped in sending work from one team member to another which is known as a “workflow” and the most common workflow tools is Lotus Domino Workflow; which creates applications and send documents and data among team members. Sometimes, collaborative and groupware applications are also used like Lotus which is the most important tool and is helpful for inventing the concept of groupware.

Yet another are Notes and Domino whereby Doctors can communicate among themselves through email, however, the most widespread and commonly used tool for the purpose is Microsoft’s Office, for eg Microsoft Word, has a track changes feature whereby the users can be identified and contributions made by each user can also be displayed in a different color.

With similar functions is Microsoft Excel. Over and above there are some newest technologies, portals, which act as meeting point for members to interact with each other either for business or social purpose. But their crash can lead to dire consequences. The crash of Microsoft servers can led to the whole system shut down and close of all the business and corporations.

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