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The second objective is to measure the performance of image management in an organization. How people perceive an organization and its products can be known through a number of ways. The first way is to look at the product demand and sales plus the customer’s interest in the company. Secondly, the company can organize customer and public surveys in order to know the opinion of the people about a company’s corporate image. Moreover, the results of the marketing tactics like promotions and public relations can also tell about the performance of image management in a company.

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It can also be measured through its corporate social responsibility. The third objective talks about the role of corporate social responsibility in strengthening the corporate image of an organization. Corporate social responsibility is considered to be a definite aspect of the corporate image. A business should always ensure that its practices are in line with protecting the environment from the hazards of its products and services. This is important to facilitate a societal corporate image. A company should always act as a good citizen of the larger society where it resides.

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It is one of the most important ways through which a company can enhance the perception of its products and the overall company in the eyes of the public. An organization should fulfill its social obligations so that it is socially recognized in the world as a responsible citizen. A company can develop its corporate image through its corporate social responsibility for example, the corporate image of Body Shop has been developed as a provider of environmentally friendly and natural cosmetics.

This means that when a business fulfills its social responsibility, it actually wins the heart of the society that is the public which in turn perceives the organization positive rendering to a positive corporate image (Kotler and Lee, 2004). The fourth and the last objective will elaborate on how the organization should manage its corporate image so that it reinforces the brand. Organizing the corporate identity in a proper way forms the corporate image of an organization which actually facilitates the brand image. These efforts are aimed at enhancing and reinforcing the brand personality of the organization.

NIKE is basically a shoe and apparel company which is popular worldwide and established in several important countries of the world. Nike’s positive image can be attributed to the communication between the company and the media in the 1990s but the image changed completed when the company was accused of labor violations. The corporate identity of NIKE which is communicated through its associations, clear design and mission forms the corporate image of the company which is ‘a high-quality and fashionable arbiter of good design’. But this is only one side to its corporate image.

Nike also has a negative corporate image of ‘exploitative’ in third world countries due to the negative media coverage of its manufacturing policy and thus, the public of these countries many boycott its products. This means that the communication of an organization can be perceived and interpreted in different ways due to which organizations can have different corporate images which they are unable to control. A clearly defined corporate identity is essential in communicating a positive corporate image otherwise a neglected corporate identity will communicate beyond what an organization wants to communicate to the public.

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