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I am currently working for JD sports, which is located within the Birmingham City centre. JD Sports is a fashion retailer with football shirts and casual clothing for men, women and children. JD Sports is part of a very large organisation and has various stores around the U. K. My Job Role My job consists of various tasks, my key duties or to assist my customers and assure they receive excellent customer services.

I work on the shop floor within JD sports it is my duty to operate the till, assure the premise is clean and tidy at all time and full assistance is provide to all our customers. I work as part of successful team, to assure success within the business we also assist one another to make sure all the duties are undertaken in a correct and professional manner. In order to perform my job effectively it was vital for me to take training to prepare me for the duties I was to undertake i. e. operating the tills within the branch, and also to assure that I understand what is expected of my.


Within training it was clearly explained to me I have to assure I undertake my job within a professional manner at all times as whilst working within the branch I am representing the image of JD sports there for it is very important we always abide my the rules and regulations taught within training. I work on a part time basis within JD sports due to the fact I am currently at university therefore to assure the hours can be adjusted around my university time table I undertake the job on a part time basis. I am currently working three days a week I work on a Monday 9am-5pm, Tuesday 9am-5pm, Saturday, 9am-4pm.

Which enables me to fit in my three modules on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, as this module Independent Learning In The Workplace does not require me to attend on a regular basis, therefore it allows me the opportunity to work on Tuesdays. This module consists of making appointments with my tutor Gill Gollins to check our progress and to assure we are on the right lines as to completing the units required. Units Selected and the Reason For My Choice The units I have decided to undertake are: Unit 1: Career Management Skills this unit helped me to accurately study my skills and ability and taught valuable lessons.

Undertaking this unit helped me as to how I can promote my skills to potential employers in the future when I go into the graduate market. Unit 4: Relating Knowledge to the Work Situation This is allowed me to develop a focus on the specific jobs I am doing in terms of the skills, knowledge and experience (and motivation required. Completing the unit has allows me a better understanding of the skills required to undertake my jobs using theories of interpersonal behaviour. By the end of the unit I did not only analyse my present job, but I also had the skills to analyse future jobs.

This is a really useful skill in seeking employment. Unit 6: Working With other in this unit I examined how my work colleagues and me interact in a variety of situations. In particular, I identified group behaviour and developing ways of making contribution to groups and teams more effectively. At the end of this unit, I got a deeper understanding of the issues, by the end of the unit I was be able to demonstrate my ability to: Identify individual work relationships; Recognise the nature of team working and your own contribution to the team;

Adopt appropriate team working behaviour according to developing group dynamics; Identify any personal barriers to effective working with colleagues. Unit 8: Self-Management Skills. This unit emphasised on my ability to set myself sensible, measurable, achievable, realistic, time related goals. It offered me the opportunity to research into my own goals assuring I had the ability to monitor them successfully. Completing this module has really helped me to organise myself and assure I am able to manage my time more effectively.

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