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Over the years I have encountered many occasions, which have given me the opportunity to have an overview of the type of person I am. I am thankful that I have had these encounters as it has now given the option to leave the characteristics as they are or change them, hopefully for the better. The encounters that have given me the opportunity to look at the type of person I am and hope to become have happened in various situations. The situations have been the environments I have been placed in, such as school.

At school I saw myself as a hard worker who was easily distracted by the wrong things, this was picked up on by myself, teachers, friends and family. I worked on this negative aspect by separating myself from what was easily distracting me from my priorities. I am now at University, a level that I hoped to be at when I was in my early years of education. Now that I am at University I am working on developing my skills, such as communication and timing. University is a stepping stone for my future, I value this opportunity and I am doing my best to absorb what information is given to me and use it as the next step in my life.


Personally I think my main weakness that I have is procrastination, in many cases I have taken far too long to complete a task whether it be in personal life, work or University. Too many times have I let procrastination take over, and in some cases have resulted in myself not completing tasks as well as I should have. I would like to say that I have been working on this weakness of mine, and it seems to be working. In recent events whenever I have been given a task, instead of leaving it to the last minute to complete with little or no thought going into it I have now began to forward plan and the output has been 100% better than previous.

Team working has also seemed to be a consistent weakness of mine, in most cases I find or have found it a lot easier to work alone rather than part of a group. I think the reason for this is because, if group work is given then each member of the group should give equal input. In past experiences I have been in group where each member is not giving equal input which is not fair on the rest of the group who are. In situations like that it can create division amongst the group, which then leads to even less of the group work being completed accurately as there is no unity between the group.

Also from my findings with group work is that there can be instances where a particular member begins to spearhead the group, this can be both negative and positive. It can be positive as the person spearheading the group may be seen as the more popular member, and so it may seem natural to go along with what they say. At the same time it can be negative because one person spearheading the group may not create a good reaction with another member, as that particular member might see it best that everybody equally spearheads the group in doing its task.

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