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In the furtherance of my dream to be in a leader someday, I pursued a program that would prepare me in the real world that I would be dealing with for the rest of my life. In the undergraduate school, I have chosen to take economics and commercial law as a preparatory course. My choice was prompted by my interest in understanding deeply the flow of resources globally and how demands are satisfied beyond scarcity. In addition, I studied economics because it opens me a wider understanding about the world, its concept and activities.

Commercial law is also a great preparatory study in achieving my dream. In studying economics, it is essential that the laws that regulates it are well understood. Through the study of the law, I have understood the implications of each restriction and other rules controlling economic activities. More importantly, study of law has exposed me to an extensive logical thinking. The study has given me an opportunity to enhance my logical thinking skill because we were required to solve set of reasoning problems. Aside from that, it was interesting to learn that commercial activities are regulated in a way that it meets the demands of the status quo.


After finishing my economics and commercial law course, I planned to resume with Masters in HR Management. In deciding to earn my masters in HR Management, I considered several factors. Primarily, I am looking forward for a position in the society someday where I can maximize my potentials, knowledge and skills in helping for its betterment.

In my undergraduate course, I learned the implications of globalization, commerce, and laws controlling it. I realized that there are various important matters that needed to be addressed and given due attention. Likewise, I want to be in a position where I can be part of the management decision making because I am confident that I am good at administering and managing undertakings.

Additionally, I opted to take masters in HR Management because I am moved by my interest of helping my home country, China, in opening an open market in compliance with the prevalent international conventions as a result of its membership in the World Trade Organization. Also, I yearned of helping my home country in bringing mode of economic operation and management, along with relevant laws and regulations, into an international framework until absolute conformity is achieved.

These purposes may be perceived as zealous and insurmountable, but I adamantly believe that dreaming with actions would make impossible possible. Furthermore, actions coupled with determination, persistence, patience, and dedication would strongly break all the barriers in reaching my insurmountable dream.

Notably, I have chosen the school (place the name of school you intended to attend to), because I am convinced and trust the school’s reputation and potential in producing students excelling in the field of HR Management. I also discovered that the school has facilities that are conducive for learning. The school also has set of faculty members who are respected in their profession because of their expertise and wisdom in such field.

Above all, the school welcomes diversity in their school that makes any student from any race comfortable. Furthermore, I want to explore in meeting friends from different countries. As for me, it is challenging and rewarding to have friends from different races because it a way of proving that diversity is not a gap but a bridge in building friendship.

My career plan is to be a great HR Manager because I found such an effective way of contributing to my hometown. I am filled with confidence and courage in taking such career because of the experiences and knowledge that shaped my personality. Aside from being a future alumnus of one of the top five universities in field of political science and law, (name of your school), I had also earned an exemplary academic record. For my three years in college, I was able to earn a high GPA of 85/100.

With regard to managerial skill, I was able to serve as chairman in our school and as editor of our official school publication, Meng. Being a chairman and editor, I was tasked to supervise and at the same time decide for the team I managed. Notably, while still the chairman; I successfully organized the most influential Northwest Universities Union Basketball Competition in 2007.

Various Universities have participated and enjoyed the activity. I also served as a student representative for the college of economics and commercial law and became a basketball team leader as well. These positions were bestowed upon me because of my leadership skills that my appointees have noticed. These reputable positions did not only expose me to a wider responsibility but also gave me chance to be part of the decision-making.

Having served as a leader has enhanced my knowledge leadership and changed my perception of a leader. Personally, based on experiences, a leader is not a person whom the members should serve. But rather, the leader should serve his members or team because leadership means service.

While serving in the position designated to me, I felt the satisfaction of working with other people and uniting in achieving a common goal. I also enjoyed cooperating with other people in building an effective network in promoting my job. Above all, I felt the fulfillment in every fruitful endeavor. As a result, I had been chosen as an Outstanding Leader in Chongqing City. Eventually, I was honored to be selected as the 2008 Olympic Games Torch Hand. Through my academic performance, I was also awarded with two university scholarship that helped me in my finances.

 I was inspired to bag all these achievement by my father who has displayed an outstanding leadership in my hometown. I had always been his fan in his excellent ability in managing the related recourse to best facilitate his work. And, like my father, I want to serve my fellow in the best possible that I can and live as a role model to my future offspring. These dreams can only be possible by earning a Master’s degree in HR Management in the (school where you intended to attend).

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