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Indeed the world of health care is continually evolving, part of which is reflected in Manage Care. Manage Care aims to lower the cost of medical services which benefits the consumer. To do so, Manage Care tries to employ a team approach. The logic behind this approach is to break down the work of physician so as they will be able to focus on serious cases. It is common to have several sorts of operation, diagnosis, treatments and examination in medical health facilities. Having a physician to do all this minor function would cost a lot for the patient.

Furthermore, it will leave the physician exhausted prior to some big operation. Thus, with the addition of new health care providers such as physician’s assistant the cost of treatment and examination will be cheaper. There will be a better division of work and responsibility. Minor injuries and minor diagnosis will be dealt with the physician assistant while the primary care physician will address more critical or serious issues. The primary physician is the one responsible for giving direct care for the patient such as implementing surgeries.


Moreover, the physician authorizes the referral for specialty physician. According to Peter Kongstvedt, the presence of mid-level medical practitioners which includes physician’s assistant improves the quality of healthcare system, since they contribute to “deliver excellent primary care, provide more health maintenance and health promotion services and tend to spend more time with patients. ” The advent of Manage Care evolution prompted the health care system to become more focus.

Although, the demarcation line between the roles of physicians and physician assistant are not clear and universal, it is simply a matter of adjustment to meet the demand for cheaper healthcare service. The move towards the addition of new health care providers presents more option for the patient and generally lowers the cost of healthcare while increasing the quality provided. Reference: Kongstvedt, P. R. (2003). Managed Care: What It Is and How It Works. Jones & Bartlett Publishers.

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