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The term postmodernism is a complicated term or a complex set of thoughts. It is of import to observe that the term is merely two decennaries old. Complications in specifying postmodernism originate out of the fact that it covers a battalion of subjects. Since it emerged as an academic field of survey in the 19800s, it has been incorporated into music, art, architecture, literature and sociology among other Fieldss. Therefore, we can state that it is a manner of life that is traveling to transform the manner society lives in the present dispensation.

To understand postmodernism, it is good to understand modernism. Modernism has two facets ; two definitions which are cardinal to specifying and understanding postmodernism. The first facet of modernism comes from the motion that rejects the Victorian criterions of how art should be consumed, made and what it should intend. Explained below are the chief features of modernism. This is modernism as has been expressed in the humanistic disciplines and literature by such authors such T.S Eliot, Pound, Stevens, Kafka, Joyce and Proust among others ( Bauman 132 ) .

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The first feature is an accent on subjectiveness and Impressionism in composing. This thought emphasizes how seeing as opposed to what seeing. This is made manifest in literature by the watercourse of consciousness secret plans undertaken. Another feature is a motion from obvious objectiveness that is manifested by 3rd party all-knowing storytellers. This besides involves fixed points of position. Modernism besides inputs into its buildings categorical moral point of views. An illustration of this can be got from the short narratives of Faulkner. Modernism is besides manifested in literature by an complete accent on discontinuous narrations, fragmented signifiers, and random mosaics of different stuffs ( Bauman 132 ) .

Another facet of modernism is the inclination to reflect reflexiveness and self consciousness on the artistic work. This has the consequence that each single piece is artistically loud and calls attending to itself. The pieces of art in one whole production call for single comsuption.Each requires its ain ingestion in a alone manner that is peculiar to it. Modernism is besides marked by studied rejection of complex, formal aesthetics in favour of minimalist mosaics or actual designs. This is exemplified in the plants of William Carlos Williams. Spontaneity in creative activity and the impulsiveness of creativeness are exalted in modernism. Modernism tends to intentionally reject the differentiation between the low and high of popular civilization. This rejection is both in the pick of the stuffs used in the artistic production, and methods of show, disrtribution and the ingestion of art ( Bauman, 132 ) .

Postmodernism is the critical assessment of expansive narrations. Postmodernism is the consciousness that expansive narrations serve to conceal the contradictions and instabilities that are to be found in any society. In other words, efforts to make order demands the creative activity equative sums of upset. A expansive narrative masks or hides the constructedness of the upset by explicating the upset ( Bauman 132 ) .

Postmodernism life is traveling to be better because it follows thoughts and subjects expressed by modernism. This is because modernism culls boundaries particularly those erected between the low and highs of civilization and art. It is traveling to be better because it rejects rigidness in art and civilization, for illustration, in literature ; it rejects the rigidness in the differentiations of the genres. It emphasizes lampoon, gaiety and Fe. Postmodern art signifiers favor ambiguity, simultaneousness and atomization. It emphasizes the decentred, destructured, and dehumanized capable. Therefore, it is able to capture the imaginativeness of many people. This makes it appealing to many people. This is because it transcends modernism and model itself into a better mutant of modernism. This is without the restrictions and defects of modernism ( Bauman 132 ) .

While postmodernism bears some similarity to modernism, it is rather different from it and besides much better. Itsaa‚¬a„? attitudes towards many of the tendencies of modernism are rather different. For illustration, modernism presents the thought of atomization tragically and in a most deplorable mode. Postmodernism on the other manus, celebrates atomization. Fredric Jameson has provided another manner of looking at modernism and postmodernism. Jameson posts that the two are cultural preparations that come with different phases of capitalist economy. Fredric Jameson provides three chief phases of capitalist economy which modulate the peculiar cultural public presentations. The first stage he calls market capitalist economy. Market capitalist economy occurred in Western Europe and the united provinces during the 17th and 18 the centuries. These phases besides occurred in topographic points where the said states have influence. Market capitalist economy is associated with technological promotions. These developments include the innovation of the steam driven motor. This is aesthetically coated with pragmatism ( Bellah et al 79 ) .

The 2nd occurred from the late nineteenth century to the mid twentieth century, at about the clip of the Second World War. This phase of capitalist economy is called monopoly capitalist economy. The developments seen in this period include the innovation of electricity, and besides the innovation of the internal burning engine. It is besides the stage of capitalist economy that is associated with modernism. The 3rd stage of capitalist economy, in which we are now in, is transnational or consumer capitalist economy. This stage of capitalist economy ballads accent on selling, selling and devouring trade goods. Not on bring forthing trade goods. This phase is associated with atomic engineering and electronic engineering. It is the phase that correlates with postmodernism ( Bellah et al 79 ) .

Populating in the postmodern epoch is more interesting than life in the modern epoch. This is because it is populating in the consumer oriented capitalist economy era.The postmodernism epoch is much better. This is because travel is faster and cheaper. One can wing to any portion of the universe in supersonic velocities, in the postmodern age. With globalisation cutting across the universe at an astonishing rate, travel is inexpensive and efficient. This is because, in the postmodern epoch in which we are populating in, the issue of passport control is done electronically. Travelers are non required to line up for long merely to acquire their passport checked. Besides, the procedure of geting passports and other in-migration documents will be made really easy to the station modern epoch. This is because the processing of informations will be done electronically. Super computing machines will hold the information required on everybody from all over the universe ( Bellah et al 79 ) .

The postmodern period is traveling to be much better than the modern epoch. This is because power is traveling to be produced from atomic reactions. This will intend that there will be small or no pollution of the environment. In the present period, pollution is the order of the twenty-four hours. Pollution has led to the green house consequence, and the planet is get downing to see the effects. That is why the authoritiess of the universe have come together to at least kerb this threat to the environment. Pollution the universe is sing is attributable to the crude oil merchandises that soon provide the power that drives the universe. Postmodernism is traveling to alter all that, it is traveling to present the usage of atomic power. This will intend that the issue of pollution is solved. The period of postmodernism is traveling to show in a period of healthy and clean life ( Bellah et al 79 ) .

It is of import to observe that the universe is partly in the period of postmodern life. This means that some parts of the universe are already populating in the postmodern epoch. That is why the paper keeps switching from the present to the hereafter tenses. Postmodernism life is traveling to be better than modernism life. This is because communicating is traveling to be revolutionized. Communication is traveling to be made cheaper with the coming of advanced nomadic telephone. Communication across the Earth is traveling to be a gag. This is because international calls are traveling to be made unusually inexpensive, and efficient. Persons will be able to pass on at comparatively long distances without any troubles. This is because progresss in communicating engineering will guarantee that one can be reached at whatever topographic point they are in the universe ( Ayers-Counts and Counts 158 ) .

Postmodernism will show in a period of prosperity all over the universe. This is because production of goods is traveling to be made inexpensive by new engineering. Production of agricultural green goods will go unusually inexpensive all over the universe. The US is already sing this prosperity in the agricultural sector. CAFOs produce so much agricultural green goods that most of it is wasted. The other agricultural subdivisions are besides making good. This period of agricultural prosperity is merely traveling to increase. This is due to the fact that the devising of fertilisers is made easy by recent technological developments. The other agricultural inputs like pesticides are merely acquiring cheaper, and it is rather easy to entree them. This is traveling to be the norm all over the universe in the epoch of postmodern life. The nutrient scarceness experienced in most parts of the universe is traveling to vanish. The hungriness seen in most parts of the universe is traveling to go past tense.Thus, postmodernism life is traveling to be better than modernism life ( Ayers-Counts and Counts 158 ) .

Postmodernism life is traveling to be better than modernism life. This is because the monetary values of most basic trade goods are traveling to go inexpensive. This is because the manners of production are been transformed by recent engineerings. The electronic revolution is traveling to enable makers to fabricate goods at decreased monetary values all over the universe. Mining is traveling to be mechanized. This will intend that most natural stuffs are traveling to go cheaper to acquire. This will in bend mean that goods like autos and electronic goods are traveling to go cheaper to bring forth. Consumers are so traveling to hold a field twenty-four hours ( Ayers-Counts and Counts 158 ) .

The field of instruction is traveling to see great alterations that are traveling to prefer the consumer. Students are traveling to be able to register online and survey online. This will intend that pupils will be able to make more. The clip pass antecedently in translocation from one topographic point to another will happen other utilizations. Education will be made sweeter by the fact that the online libraries will hold expanded. This is to state that pupils will non hold to endure looking for mention stuffs. The clip pupils spend on the route will be spent working or reading. Postmodern life is traveling to be better than modernism life ( Ayers-Counts and Counts 158 ) .

Postmodernism life is traveling to be better than modernism life. This is because there is traveling to be a great transmutation in authorities and administration. Democracy and justness are traveling to be the trademark of this epoch. This is non merely in America and Western Europe. The whole word is traveling to see this administration alterations. In the western universe, democracy has been exalted and given a outstanding topographic point. This tendency of lauding good administration is traveling to distribute all over the universe. Human rights are non traveling to be trampled as in the present dispensation. Abuses that demean adult male all over the universe are traveling to be dispersed ( Harvey 9 ) .

Postmodernism is traveling to form cognition. In modern society, cognition is equated with scientific discipline. It is contrasted to narrative. Science is demonstrated as good cognition, while narrative is seen as bad unproductive linguistic communication. Narrative cognition is besides seen as irrational and crude. For this ground, it is associated with the insane, kids, and adult females. Modern society besides views cognition as good for its ain interest. An single additions knowledge through instruction merely to go knowing. Knowledge is acquired to go educated. This is peculiarly seen in the broad humanistic disciplines. These include topics like doctrine, anthropology and sociology among others ( Harvey 9 ) ..

In the postmodern epoch or society, cognition is acquired for the map it can execute. Knowledge becomes functional. You learn things to set so into pattern. You do non larn to cognize things. Postmodernist instruction is traveling to set accent on accomplishments, and preparation to be acquired. Postmodern society is traveling to make away with obscure humanist and general instruction. Students will analyze grades that will market them in the universe. General grades will non make. Knowledge is traveling to be based on public-service corporation.

Another facet of cognition in postmodern societies is that it is traveling to be otherwise stored, distributed and arranged. This will intend that the modern manner s of hive awaying information and distributing information are traveling to be overhauled. The continual revolutions in promotions ; in the electronic computing machines, will alter the manners of cognition storage, production and distribution. In postmodern societies, cognition is traveling to be recognized by its ability to be digitized. In the aftermath, of postmodern societies, anything that is non able to be translated by a computing machine will non be eligible as cognition. In postmodern societies, the antonym of cognition is non traveling to be ignorance. Rather it is traveling to be noise. This will intend that anything that does non measure up as cognition is traveling to be seen as noise ( Harvey 9 ) .

In architecture, postmodernism is traveling to convey many alterations that are traveling to do life more interesting. Functional and formalized infinites and forms of the modernist age are traveling to be replaced. They are traveling to be replaced by unapologetically diverse aesthetic manners. This is traveling to do edifices more beautiful and elegant. Postmodernist art is traveling to be more accessible than modernist art. This is unlike the modernist art that has been elitist. The postmodernist art is traveling to use the commixture of words with art. This will hold the consequence of making multiplicity of the message and medium. The mass media are traveling to go a primary topic for art. The focal points of art are traveling to go stuffs such figure of speechs ( Harvey 9 ) .

The postmodern society is traveling to be society that celebrates differences. This is traveling to be a great difference from the present modernist civilization that places importance on the Centre. This will intend the rejection of the construct of the universal to the credence of the peculiar. The metanarrative is besides traveling to be rejected in favour of the local narrative. This will name for the jubilation of the local artistic green goods. This is traveling to be in contrast to the present thought of observing art from without. The jubilation of differences is traveling to intend that uniformity is traveling to be rejected in favour of differences. Differences are non traveling to be demonized. This will besides intend the rejection of the ideal in favour of a fluctuation of criterions that are all local ( Bender 18 ) .

The postmodernist society is traveling to see a passage from the ideal self-made adult male to an accent on community relationships. Synergy is traveling to be the proverb that is traveling to construct community. This will intend a higher grade of cooperation in society. Tasks will be accomplished in shorter periods of clip. Postmodernist societies will besides pass through from seeking merely empirical cognition. It will turn to the seeking of spiritualty. The society will besides seek higher morality and adhere to ethical criterions. Postmodern spiritualty is non traveling to be connected to faith. It is traveling to go cardinal ( Bender 18 ) .

As stated above, moralss are traveling to go a cardinal portion of life in the postmodernist society. This is because in the modernist society moralss have been trampled underfoot. The present epoch has seen moralss reduced to decisionist moralss. It is merely when 1 is doing a determination that they remember moralss. Ethical motives has been relegated to the private domain. On the public scene, most people are afraid to touch on the topic of moralss. That is why many corporations are treading moralss underfoot. Corporate aberrance is the order of the day.CEOs and other corporate troughs have set bad case in points in moralss. All this is traveling to alter. Postmodern society is traveling to prosecute pluralistic moralss. This will be evidenced by a multiplicity of communities populating side aa‚¬ ” by side. Ethical discourse will go a treatment of the ethical and moral patterns of different communities ( Bender 18 ) .

Postmodernist society is traveling to be much better than modernist society. This is because progresss in medical specialty are traveling to convey a batch of medical revolutions. More and more diseases are traveling to hold remedies. The direction of conditions like malignant neoplastic disease will be province of the art. Diseases like AIDS and TB are non traveling to be life endangering. This is because promotion in medical research will look into them. Remedies will likely hold been discovered. Healthcare is traveling to better. This is because medical engineering will intend that health care is monitored by province of the art equipments. Diabetes patients will be monitored around the clock ( Bender 18 ) .

Postmodernist life is traveling to be better than modernist life. This is because people will be able to work from their places. This is already being experienced in some parts of the universe. The continued promotions in computing machine engineering are traveling to accomplish this effort. This will intend that there will be a decrease in traffic jams on the main roads. Work- topographic point related emphasis is traveling to be a thing of the yesteryear. This will intend that the roads are traveling to be safer with less traffic than is the present scenario.

The society is now caught between modernist life and postmodernist passage. Some facets of postmodernists populating are apparent in society. Computer engineering is transforming life from modernist society to post modernist society. All in all, the society should be prepared for the passage. This is because every alteration that comes into society comes with a monetary value. The monetary value of passage might intend some uncomfortableness. The paper besides believes that non everyone will welcome the alterations that are traveling to show society to the postmodernist epoch. The alterations that can be regulated should be regulated to avoid clash in society. This manner, postmodernist life is traveling to be ushered swimmingly into society ( Bender 18 ) .

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