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In H. Spencer s Principles of Sociology. he likened society to an being where its maps and features such as growing. enlargement. division and the similar. he believed. besides occurs in the society and societal life. therefore coining the term societal being. A novel. likewise takes the signifier of an being harmonizing to Henry James. He argues in the Art of Fiction ( a commentary to Walter Besant’s talk in the royal establishment ) that a novel is a personal feeling of life. The chief issue of the article is representation and how authors should handle it.

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James clarified that representation takes two signifiers ; one is the direct representation. which harmonizing to him is restricting. and another is representation based on a writer’s feeling of the experience which he considers what the art of novel is all about. The world “colored by the writer’s vision” is the world of the novel. An being he believes best describe the complexness of a novel because an being has in itself the individualism and integrity of maps. The entirety of the being is dependent upon both the independency and the integrity of its parts.

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Similarly. Freese in “Henry James and the application of his theory in ‘What Maisie knew’” believes that James point of view is that “… it is non possible to analyze fiction merely by its single parts because these have to be seen as interacting elements. ” ( p. 2 ) James believes that the singularity of every novel is determined by the “liberty of interpretation” afforded by the writer. The rules of signifier being dictated by convention merely hamper the creative activity of the being that is the novel.

The feeling of world. the personal procedure of doing sense of an experience. is the ultimate step of accomplishing the world. Thus. a novel is non merely a merchandise but a originative procedure as in picture and the other humanistic disciplines where each measure contributes to the integrity of the trade. The author has the power to find the form and complexness of the novel and finally the world that the novel contains. All these elements. as in an being is determined by a Godhead and his thought of representation.

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