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Any concern can run without the handiness of a telephone. If the concern is little so a signal telephone line may do. It is rare presents for any concern to pull off without a least two lines, one for telephone calls and the other for usage with a facsimile machine, or personal computing machine.

Devicess are available which allow a signal line to observe whether an incoming call is a telephone or autotype call, but even for little concern these give the feeling if penny pinching, particularly when it is considered.

Private Branch Exchange System Computer Science... TOPICS SPECIFICALLY FOR YOU

Private Branch Exchange/telephone exchange linked to the public switched telephone web ( PSTN ) line. Private Branch Exchange, which is a private telephone web used within a company. The users of the PBX phone system portion a figure of outside lines for doing external phone calls. One of the latest inclinations in PBX phone system development is the VoIP PBX, besides known as IP PBX, which uses the Internet Protocol to convey calls.

Key telephone system ( KTS )

A Key telephone system ( KTS ) is equipped with several buttons that allow a company to straight choose surpassing lines or incoming calls, and utilize intercom and conference installations. Unlike in a PBX, a user does non hold to dial ‘9 ‘ to entree an outgoing line, but the entrance calls are non automatically routed to the called party. KTS are user-installable and allow handling of multiple lines without paying a surcharge to the telephone company. However, the hunt-group service can non be provided on them.

Most Key telephone system ( KTS ) do non hold a centralized processor and the control and switching maps are incorporated into the telephone instruments. This avoids the cost of necessitating a Central Processing Unit ( CPU ) , but does increase the cost of the telephone instruments. As a consequence, when the Key telephone system ( KTS ) required more than say 50 Stationss, as the extensions are called, so it is normally more economic to put in a PBX with standard telephone instruments.

The Main Equipment That Would Be Installed

Require for installing of Public Brand Exchange ( PBX ) System and Key Telephone System ( KTS )

Two PSTN Telephone Lines

IP PBX Switch Board


USB Phone

UTP Cables

Cable Telephones

Public switched telephone web ( PSTN )

A public switched telephone web ( PSTN ) is mean by which family and concern phones are interrelated via dial-up connexions. Public switched telephone web ( PSTN ) is typically via conventional wire line entree webs. public switched telephone web ( PSTN ) is a ‘hard wired ‘ connexion which on industrial premises is normally routed through the patchboard. public switched telephone web ( PSTN ) are besides undependable with people disconnecting overseas telegrams and transfering lines within the patchboard.

IP PBX Switchboard

This is the board or panel is equipped with a device to command the operation of electric circuits, as in the PBX. One or more panels arrangement of switches, indexs, and other equipment for electrical circuits.C: UsersuserAppDataLocalGoogleGoogle Talk hemesuserchatMyThemeContentsResourcesimagessmile.gif

USB Phone

U.S. phone expressions like a traditional telephone device, but it has a slot USB, but non RJ-11. It can be used with most soft phones and services.

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The Features Available with each system

The Features Available with PBX system and KTS system

Name blackball

Hunt groups-One figure selects a group of lines

Name diversion-Calls sent to another extension

Short codification dialing

Night services-Handling of out-of-hours calls

Name parking-To enable a call to be picked up at another location

Name hold-To avoid company catching

Automatic call back-Also know as “ Call back when free ”

Conference call-A figure of telephones connected to one line

Communication group-A section with a close community of involvement

Automatic answers-Avoids holding to raise French telephone, poses a security hazard

Impermanent blackball of external calls

Save last figure dialed

Dial other extensions

Dial external lines

To have external calls

To do an question call to another extension whist connected to an external call

To reassign a call to another extension where an question call had merely been made.

All modern PBXs and KTSs still have these four chief characteristics, but over the old ages many others have been developed. Almost all of these have come about because concern life has become progressively demanding on staff clip. As a consequence staff are really frequently manner from their desks and hence non available to do or have telephone calls.

The multiplicity of characteristics has come really confounding to the telephone user. This chiefly stems from the fact that each system developer tries to do the system more attractive than its competition. This consequence is similar characteristics, which are somewhat different in the manner they are used. Further confusion besides consequences from the inclination for each system supplier to give proprietary names to their system ‘s characteristics.

The cost of equipment and installation

Key telephone system can run everyplace between $ 350 to $ 1,000 per employee, and this mostly depends on the characteristics that you need for your concern.

Private subdivision exchange ( PBX ) can work around the universe $ 950 per employee, while the mean monetary value is about $ 12.00 per employee. However, due to enlargement, the costs per employee are by and large less than a PBX system if you have 100 or more employees.

The Cost of Operating System

The entire cost of purchasing the phone system for our little concern when we buy a new one, we can more dependable and scalable and preservation in the long clip to do it better. Furthermore, as easy phone system can be upgrader new characteristics and engineerings are released.

PBX systems require professional installing and care. Unfortunately, the apparatus and link your office can be every bit dearly-won as the phones themselves

For larger systems, PBX, entire monetary value is about $ 950 per employee, but normally wind up more than $ 1200 per user scope. There are important economic systems of graduated table: really little offices will be hard to remain up to $ 1200 per user in any system, every bit good as companies with 100 or more employees save well.

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Private Branch Exchange ( PBX ) System Advantages are –

Private Branch Exchange ( PBX ) systems is to link the phone, facsimile -machines, modems and other extensions of a private system and public telephone webs as good.

Private Branch Exchange ( PBX ) system communications system with all sizes of companies. These systems should go more manageable for little concern, easy to turn with the company.

Private Branch Exchange ( PBX ) systems, tend to offer an internal web shift, external telephone lines, telephone lines and internal console for manual control. Private Branch Exchange ( PBX ) system uses the physical line routing calls to the office.

Private Branch Exchange ( PBX ) systems, tend to offer an internal web shift, external telephone lines, telephone lines and internal console for manual control. Private Branch Exchange ( PBX ) system uses the physical line routing calls to the office.

All the above, The PBX systems have alots of advantages. That is why, I pick Private Branch Exchange ( PBX ) System to run our organisation.

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