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From the producers’ perspective, packaging is also an important factor to consider. One of the major benefits of packaging is that it serves as a channel of distribution and provides methods that are imperative in reaching the target audience. With respect to marketing, a package conveys numerous basics most especially in terms of awareness. It should be taken into consideration that awareness is directly translated to sales, most especially for products that are new in the market (Nykiel, Stevens, and Loudon).

Once a consumer becomes aware of the product or service in accordance to its packaging, it is more likely that the consumer would become loyal to the item or service. Likewise, through word of mouth, the product would be recognized by other consumers. From the product makers’ end, this means an increased scope on the additional revenue generated from the customers. Apparently, packaging is an important tool in incrementing sales and profits.

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It is a critical component of sales and marketing that is often neglected by companies because of the belief that the detailed application of packaging would cost them much. However, if companies would implement packaging that meets the demands and perspectives of consumers, they are sure to have a sound investment that would return the cost of the production of packaging and services. A thorough analysis of the study would reveal that majority of the consumers nowadays are reliant on the packaging.

Prior to creating their purchase decisions, consumers are now becoming more specific with the packaging of the product. Consumers believe that product and service packages would cost them less compared to buying the products individually. Packaging is also beneficial for the consumer because the easy recognition of the product allows them to reduce time on markets and shopping areas. Moreover, packaging also serves as medium that raises the awareness of consumers on a particular product.

From there consumers are given the idea that such product or service is the one that they need. In the end, packaging becomes the determinants of the consumers whether the product would meet their needs or not. Given the said reasons, the study suffices the idea that “the current trend to package products and services to customer increases the scope for additional revenue from those customers. ” Hence, packaging is needed to be considered as a marketing strategy and weapon in its own right. Works cited

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