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Project management refers to planning, organizing and managing different resources in order to successfully achieve a goal. The most important job of a project management is to deliver results within time constraints as well as according to a budget. The project must make the most efficient use of time, money, personnel, materials and communication in order to successfully complete a project. The project manager must implement project control systems from the start so the project goes forward within time and budget constraints.

Project control is essential but if implemented incorrectly it can have devastating effects on the outcome of a project. Incorrect implementation of project control was the ultimate downfall for Gary Allison. The technical, ethical, legal, contractual and communication issues of project management will be discussed as they pertain to the Orion Shield Project. A thorough analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of Gary Allison will also be offered. Technical Issues Gary Allison faced many technical complications when attempting to create a product that could withstand the appropriate temperatures as well as ensure a long life span.


Gary Allison tried his best to approach the research and design phase of the project by paying close attention to detail and overseeing as much of the actual process as possible. Gary also spent a great deal of time actually participating in the research and design. By doing so Gary hoped he would be able to identify and solve any technical issues before they became a problem. However, this backfired in the end. Gary spent so much time micromanaging one area of the project and neglected his other duties as project manager. One way Gary could have avoided much of the stress associated with a failing product was to trust his team.

It is understandable that Gary wanted to oversee his first assignment as project manager but at some point a project manager needs to let go and trust that his team will perform. This type of micromanagement encourages the team to rely heavily on the project manager rather than working independently towards the completion of the project (Billows (a), 2006, 2). Gary Allison spent five weeks catching up on administrative paperwork after being reprimanded by Space Technology Industries which prevented him from managing the research and design phase.

Again, it is important to hold the team responsible for their assignments related to product development (Billows (a), 2006, 2). However, the fact that Gary spent so much time catching up on paperwork and not enough time in the research department prevented him from learning about the new material (JXB-3) being tested until after testing had already begun. The type of technical issues the original material was presenting would have been avoided if Gary had found a balance between his administrative duties and he desire to be helping test and develop the new product.

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