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The introduction of the digital media has made an important change in the world of advertising. Digital media is an electronic media; it works on codes the history of digital begins with the development of zero number by the Babylonians about 2000BC. The digital media advertisement campaign creates new possibilities for two way communication between the audience and the company the digital media advertising has given a new face to the advertising world, today most of the companies using digital media for advertising campaigns because this digital media can make more impact.

In the seventeenth century advertising as a discrete form it is commonly agreed to have with news papers, which included simple descriptions’ and prices of product. In ancient time the advertising was done through world of mouth. At this time the Egyptians are used papyrus to wall posters and sales message. They where commonly used wall and rock painting for advertising.[ media advent .com]

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In the 17th century the advertisement begins in weekly news paper in England at this time adds is used to promote books and medicines, after that in19th century the adds are very popular in America then a popularity was started it was a huge success in America due to this success the first advertising company was started in this time .then in 1960 they had made a scientific approach and in 1882 the adverting entre into digital advertising it was a great success then the use of digital media advertising was increased and  now we are reached the modern digital media advertising. [Www. Media all know.com].

The advertising worlds become reached high digital media advertising and the approaches towards the media and advertising are increasing now days. The   other media are overtaking lots of traditional media like TV, news paper and radio, because of a shift towards consumer usage of the internet for news and music, and devices’ like digital video recorders etc .this type of digital media advertising helps to reach larger audience with less coast.

Nike is the number one manufacture of foot and appraisal wear.  Nike is the world biggest and innovative brand now focusing on digital media advertising campaign to promote the brand locally and internationally they are frequently intending new products, design and redefining the digital genres. The marketing approach of the Nike has defined convention. it is the same from the beginning  . In 1982 they were started advertising; in traditional media and now they were using digital media campaign to communicate with the world. The Nike digital media advertising is more technologically advanced and more innovative.

Introduction of the Nike to the digital media and after that in 2001 they have done digital marketing with London run it was a mixed experimental and digital marketing there are more than ten thousand plus Londoners take part after that in 2003,and 2004 they where come with new digital campaign in 2005 the Nike has introduced a film with ronaldino ,there are thirty millions of people watched it through  u tube so from this we can identify that how much the Nike digital media had made impact in the world  [www.Americanapersona.wordpress.com]

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Nike one of the top company in the world for doing innovative digital media campaigns Nike is a global brand trying to localise the international brand by using digital media advertisement, because if we watch the European digital media advertisement Champaign and Asian advertisement Champaign they are in different way, they are using sports culture is to communicate effectively, and they tied to use the brand as a local brand. Through this Nike adverts we can see they are tried to keep values of the existing culture and adding up the Nike sports culture, and encouraging the sports locally and developing the brand through this sports culture.

For example in India, if they use an international advertisements like, football or base ball sports theme it will not going to success. Because in India the cricket is sports culture and in international wise the Nike is focused on the food ball base advertising in digital media, because in Europe’s food ball is the sports culture.

If we look at all the Nike digital media advertising Champaign it all based on the sports culture .they are not promoting the product, but they are creating a spots culture by using the brand .once the brand is become success the people will buy the product .Nike has chosen different digital medias for promoting the brand locally as well as globally.

For example, the Nike advert India they are fully focused on youth, if we see the advert they are showing a full crowded environment with some cricket sports and the young people are doing a lot of things with in this crowded from this television advertising they are showing if you wear the Nike they can do something noting will stop you from that.

If we look at this emotional appeal theory this advertisement will create emotional appeals in the young people mind towards the Nike product. Most creative view of  emotional advertising as the key to developing brand loyalty. (Kenneth E.Clow,Donald Baack 2007 ) this same adverting approach has done in the Europe television advert also . The main attraction of the Nike digital media advertisement is, they don’t use the name in ads they give a message that just do it this is the key message and with the Nike logo. I think rather than putting the brand name the massage and the brand logo can create an impact in the customers. Nike India

Nike is used internet as a digital media for advertising campaign it is most power full digital media for advertising because it reaches extence  of audience around the globe and with good conversation tracing .Nike has a separate website with good quality digital appearance it has covered all the countries. For example a customer from UK can entre UK Nike website it is all designed according to the local culture. And they have clearly shown the product range. And it is categorised according to the games and sex in the UK Nike website mostly focused on the food ball and base ball .

In the website the customer can see the videos about the Nike style and product. If we register in Nike website they will send frequently. The recent news reports the sales was increased because of using the internet marketing. I can prove that Nike is putting too many efforts on internet because they have a separate website called Nike soccer and the campaign featuring the Brazilian super player jago bonito.

The  purchasing habit of the consumer is from the previous period now they most of the customer don’t want to go to the shop this habits help the Nike to do more e commerce means they are selling the product through internet from there on Nike store  this store will provide all the details about the products and its price etc this is done for  the convenience of the buyer and it will helps to over come the traditional method the  Nike is instating   the customers to do the online purchases through Nike store.com . (Kenneth E.Clow,Donald Baack 2007 )

The Nike is tie up with apple to create Nike plus social net work for runners it is a marketing techniques using through the internet. Nike plus it is website mostly for the runners because it is a technology liked with the apple. If a runner running with this system they can connect to the Nike plus community and they can chat each other about the running the only thing is that they have to register with the Nike pus .com. this Nike plus internet technique was very successful because with in few mouth 800000 runners are logged on in the website.

Apart from that Nike is using face book for communicating if look the face book we can see the Nike have a separate group they have mainly focused on Nike sports music and Nike runner’s network. So through this internet Nike is creating a Nike group for increasing the brand image and the sales .and if look the website of ESPN sports in the first web page we can see the Nike symbol so they also it is focusing and creating sports culture through using certain types of website in the internet.[ www.nike plus.com]

Nike is using in game advertising as a digital media campaign through videogames and computer for adverting and communicating the people.  Nike is using in game advertisement for targeting male customers because the most of the video game players are male.

I think Nike has chosen correct way if we see the kinds and almost teen agers they mostly spend the time with video games and the computer game so they can promote their brand by using this type of digital media for making a strong in this advertising the Nike have a good contact with EA SPORTS and apart from the EA sports they have good link with the Sony games they are making the Nike games in the play station. In this advert they using Nike brand to create a sports culture and it mainly focused on the youth

Digital bill boards are using by Nike to create an advertisements champion the Nike building are cleaver and creative, this is using in all over the world .the style of presentations various according to the country. The main advantage of bill boards is maximum impact with low cost, if we compare with Nike other media advertisement. The Nike keep on changing the advertisements caption and appearance they are highly innovative in the case of digital billboards .the positioning of the Nike billboards are in the exact place of attraction in UK we can find out the Nike digital bill boards in the public street and underground stations etc this will cerate an impact in the consumer mind in all over the world the Nike theme is different it is changed according to the sports culture.

For example in the European sector they were commonly used the food ball base theme but in India and other some countries most of the bill board are based on the cricket so it is changing according to the spots culture of the country. The bill boards are targeted to all level of consumers the digital billboard has capacity to attract a large audience .

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