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Before the evolution of YouTube in the year 2005 there were few technologies which accompanied. These technologies were for the people who had computers. There was an easy interface that was used during those times. YouTube has been accused of violating integrity laws by allowing the reuse of video clips that have been used somewhere else. This people who were accusing YouTube even demanded to be given permission to check through the website but it was denied and the owners of the website said that they have a right to protect their customers or clients.

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Technically, YouTube can not work properly if that computer does not have Macromedia Flash player. The Macromedia Flash player technology boosts clarity in displaying of videos with the best compared with other video play back technologies like RealPlayer. Videos uploaded to YouTube are only allowed ten (10) minutes of play and the size of the file should below one GB. YouTube accepts many video format including MOV, MPEG, MP4, and a few more.

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In the year 2008 YouTube launched their cable Television called Information TV 2 and immediately after close to six months Apple Inc. announced the launch of their YouTube and that YouTube is accessed through their TV (Apple TV). It is amazing because of the evolving technology which enables Television stations to interact with websites. Anything is possible, I say this because the latest surprise which many may not know is that YouTube produced a software tester called beta test of annotations. This software provides or show links within a video.

Individual perspective This is one of the best interactive web tools that are enabling millions of people to share videos clips and there is no limit on sending these clips and other pictures. When there is any new development no matter how good it is, there are a few setbacks like it has no limit to age and therefore anybody can use it. And the setback now is that if young children are introduced to this website, they will be idling watching and sending photos and will not concentrate in their school work if they are school going.

It is unfortunate for the aged because the technology that is emerging can not help then and they are not interested any more. In politics this website has played a major role especially this year that the Americans are voting. We have had and seen video clips captured live and send to the internet which has proved that in the near future the YouTube may be advanced and added a few features to work like a TV. Politicians will be using this technology to campaign far away form their homes and they may even campaign in several far away places.

The Video clips interact with sound in a very good and easy weight easy. This technology has been bigger as time goes by and more associated with youth more than any other group. This is why Obama’s campaign has been overwhelmingly appealing to the youth because he used the right channel that is also closely associated with the young generation of the Americans. With this information, YouTube may promote tourists and allure them to visit the remote areas of which they have been sent or photos received on their behalf.

This implies that the internet and all the associated technologies will revolutionalize our working styles in offices and even in the field as Wallace (2004) denotes, “Internet with is innovations that are emerging from it have and will transform workplaces and people working lives within the shortest time possible”. The media has capitalized on these opportunities offered by YouTube and many media firms have incorporated their online newspapers and the readers are able to say their comments.

Journalists who gather news from anywhere are able to send video clips from anywhere. Summary Time tell tales and every passing year interesting discovering are made especially in the information technology sector. It is impossible to tell what may be discovered tomorrow but the curiosity of man is driving us to higher and advanced technologies with a short span of time like not any other period in history. Many people have found ways of capitalizing these technologies more particularly the YouTube technology.

A few politicians have used it successfully; some teachers in developed countries are using it to teach more that one school at the same time and anybody else who accessible to the internet and digital camera or video phone can exchange photos form anywhere to somewhere. Politicians will start campaigning by reaching more informed audiences like college students. Who knows even farming will soon be invaded by technologies?


Wallace, P. (2004). The Internet in the Workplace: How New Technology is Transforming Work. New York: Cambridge University Press.

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