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He was momentarily blinded by the sunlight bursting in from the patio doors opposite him. He walked to the breakfast table and saw a note from his aunt; “Hey Rob, I’m just running down to the market to go shopping. Should be back for about six this evening. ” Watson smiled, his aunt was eighty three, but she acted like a woman in her fifties. He turned to the over and turned the hob on and placed the kettle on top. He reached into the cupboard above the oven and pulled out a mug and put a teaspoon of coffee into it. His aunt had owned the same kettle for fifteen years and it took a good five minutes to boil.

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He sighed and sat on a chair at the table and reached across and picked up the morning paper and scanned the front page. When he saw that there was nothing of any interest, he threw the paper back onto the Elmwood table. He heard the phone ringing from the counter next to the oven and walked over to it. He checked the caller ID before answering it and saw that the caller had withed their number. Watson pressed the reject button and the ringing stopped. Suddenly the kettle started to whistle and Watson turned the hob off and picked up the kettle and filled hid mug up to the brim and stirred it, the water instantly turned black.


He took a small sip and withdrew quickly and the coffee was boiling hot. He set it down on the counter as the phone started to ring once more. The caller ID showed once more that the caller had withheld their number. “The salesmen are eager this morning,” he smiled. He reached over to the phone and picked it up and he took out the batteries. He picked up his mug of coffee and took it over to the table and sat down once again. He blew at the liquid and took a timid sip. He groaned as his mobile phone started to ring. He reached into his jeans pocket and took it out.

He stared at the top of the range device, it also said that the caller was withholding their number, “that’s impossible. ” He answered it and pressed the phone to his ear, “hello? ” “FBI Agent Rob Watson? ” the caller asked. “I haven’t been an FBI Agent for over four years,” Watson replied. “I’m sorry to disturb you this early Mr. Watson, but the Vice-President of the United States wants to meet with you immediately. ” “Why? ” Watson asked, confused. “I only know as much as you Mr. Watson,” the Secret Service Agent replied; “now you must come to the White House immediately. ”

“I’m in Texas,” Watson replied, “it’ll take hours! ” “We’ll be there shortly Mr. Watson. ” Before he could reply, the Agent had hung up. Watson held his mobile in his hands as the heard the rotor blades of a helicopter. He got up and ran to the front door and pulled it open. He saw a black helicopter with the seal of the White House on the door landing a few feet from the door. The door opened and a young suited man with aviator sunglasses jump out of the passenger seat onto the gravel. He ran over to Watson. The Agent had spiked brown hair with blond highlights; Watson guessed he was only in his early twenties.

He shook Watson’s hand, “Rob Watson? ” He had to yell to be heard above the rotor blades, “I’m Agent Josh Defoe. I’ve been ordered to take you to the White House. ” “Why? ” Watson asked. “As I told you on the phone Mr. Watson,” Defoe replied, “I don’t know. Defoe stepped forward and handed Watson a thick brown envelope, “Vice-President Harrison hopes this will be enough. ” Watson opened it and peered inside, his eyes widened in shock, “how much is in here? ” “One million US dollars,” Defoe told him, “is it sufficient? ” Watson nodded and turned back into the house. “Where are you going? ” Defoe asked.

“To get some shoes. ” Five minutes later, Watson stepped out of the farm house and locked the door behind him. He had pulled on a pair of white sneakers and a black jacket. He strode over to Defoe, “we leaving then? ” Defoe smiled as Watson got into the back of the helicopter and put his seat belt on. Defoe sat in the front next to the pilot, “let’s go. Make it fast. ” The pilot ascended and Watson gazed down at the barren Texas landscape. He hated the place and was glad to be leaving. He would much rather have accepted the job as the White House head of security, but he knew that would mean seeing her again,

Rob Watson and his FBI partner Lucy Vasquez crept through a pitch black alleyway in the dead of night. Watson got out his torch and shone it at the abandoned warehouse they had been called to. There was a possible terrorist cell operating from there. “I think we should call for backup Rob,” Lucy said. “I don’t think there is a terrorist cell here Lucy,” Watson replied, “Clay French isn’t the best of sources. ” They crept along the alleyway to a large metal door, Watson handed Lucy the torch, “hold this for a second. ” He pressed his shoulder to the door and pushed; the lock on the other side was not very strong and broke without much force.

He peered into the dark room and pulled out his pistol from the inside of his suit jacket and took the torch back from Lucy, “come on. ” Lucy took out her pistol and followed. Watson shinned the torch around the room and they saw nothing. “I think you were right Rob,” Lucy said, “let’s go. ” “Yeah,” he replied. They turned to leave, but suddenly all the lights flickered on. Watson and Lucy spun around to see about ten or so armed Middle Eastern men stood before them. “Looking for us? ” One of them asked. “Get to cover Lucy! ” Watson yelled. They dived behind a large metal crate just as the terrorists fired their machine guns at them.

Watson looked at Lucy, “are you alright? ” She nodded, “we should call for back up. ” Watson agreed, “Call it in. ” Lucy got out her walkie talkie and spoke into it, “Andrea are you there? ” “What is Agent Vasquez? ” the woman called Andrea in the FBI headquarters asked. “Listen,” Lucy yelled above the sound of the gunfire, “we need back up! We’re at-” Suddenly a bullet burst through the crate and smashed into the walkie talkie, instantly shattering it to pieces. Lucy swore loudly and turned to Watson, “what do we do? ” Watson signaled to their pistols and Lucy nodded.

They leaped to their feet and fired at the terrorists. They shot four of them who fell to the floor helplessly. Watson and Lucy then ran to the wall and hid behind a large metal statue. They looked at the bottom of the grey wall and saw an opening into the ventilation shaft. “Get in there,” Watson commanded. Lucy bent down and crawled into the dark vent. She looked back at Watson, “you still got that torch? ” “No time! ” Watson yelled as the terrorists ran around the corner. He dived into the vent as the terrorist fired at them. He shot three of the terrorists as they crawled away.

They followed the vent which took a turn to the left. Lucy continued to crawl and suddenly the bottom metal sheet of the vent fell away and Lucy and Watson fell into the darkness. Watson grabbed onto the ledge as Lucy continued to fall. “Lucy! ” he yelled. “Watson! ” Lucy replied, “Let’s go. I only fell ten feet. ” Watson hesitated and let go of the cold metal and he fell through the air. He was only in the air for a second and then he hit the cold concrete floor. He groaned and Lucy knelt beside him, “torch. ” Watson reached into his pocket and took out his torch and passed it to Lucy.

She flicked it on and shone it around. They had fallen into a dark and damp concrete corridor. “This must be where the bombs are,” Watson stated as he got to his feet. “Let’s find out,” Lucy smiled. She held the torch and her pistol as she crept down the corridor toward a grey metal door. Watson followed with his pistol drawn, “be careful. ” Lucy placed her hand on the door handle and opened it. Inside were two of the terrorists. They aimed their machine guns at the pair, but the FBI Agents were far too fast, Lucy shot the terrorist on the left and Watson the right.

The room was large and it smelt of sewage, in the corner there were many packs of C4 and lots of ammunition. The other nine terrorists came running at them down the corridor they had just come, “kill them! ” Watson slammed the door shut and bolted it. Lucy ran over to the weaponry and picked up a pack of C4 explosive. She stuck it to the door and stepped back. Watson smiled, “you’re too good at this. ” He stepped back and shot the pack of C4 and it exploded sending all nine terrorists flying. Two of the terrorists were killed instantly and the others groaned as the stated to get up. “Run!

” Watson yelled. He and Lucy sprinted down the corridor to the doors the terrorists had used and ran through it. On the other side was a rusted metal ladder, Lucy looked back at the terrorists, the seven survivors were getting to their feet, they aimed their machine guns at her and Watson. “Climb! ” she yelled. Watson grabbed the ladder and started to climb; he reached the top and pulled himself out into the original warehouse room with selves and shelves of hardware items. He pulled Lucy out and whispered in her ear, “hide. ” They both ran in separate directions to hide among the shelves.

All terrorists reached the surface and scanned the room, “find them. ” Three if the terrorist followed Watson and three followed Lucy, the terrorist in charge jumped back down the ladder. Watson saw three of the terrorists running close behind him, so he turned and fired a bullet into each of them. Two of them fell to the floor dead, but the third aimed his machine gun at Watson and fired. Watson dived out of the way of the bullets behind one of the shelves. The injured terrorist crept toward him, clasping his hand to his wound. Watson dived out from behind the crate and shot the terrorist in the neck.

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