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For many, it is a relief to know that any indoor air quality issue in a home can be resolved with HEPA filters. The recent tragedy in Japan has shed light on just how easy it is for a single reactor’s meltdown to lead to subsequent leaks in other nuclear plants. The whole world has witnessed the grimacing effects of a nuclear age. This radiation scare has certainly put HEPA filters in the spotlight. Here is some key information about HEPA filters and how they can provide a safe environment for your home:

HEPA Filters

Radiation Scare Puts HEPA Filters In... TOPICS SPECIFICALLY FOR YOU

The nuclear fallout in Japan has subsequently led to many questions being asked all around the world about the true nature of national security and the safety of a nation’s public. People have begun to rely more on their resources as opposed to falling back on government voices. While many people are scrambling to find and develop the most technologically advanced and revolutionary approach to lessening the damage of a radiation leak, there is already an answer–HEPA filters. HEPA filters are not only the first line of defense, but they are also a very practical and affordable choice.

How HEPA Works

HEPA filters, along with a carbon scrubber, will protect the inside of any home from the onslaught of radioactive gases. However, in order for the HEPA filter to be fully effective, the house in which it is being installed will require a good ventilation system. It is important to make sure that the ventilation system works properly, guaranteeing that there are no leaks in the home because of insufficient central air conditioning.

The rate of air change per hour must be at a high level in order to guarantee maximum performance. The best Austin AC repair company will understand just how important it is to protect the home from any external leaks. It will set up, install and repair HEPA filters for our Austin customers on a daily basis and promise only the finest quality in service to those we work for.

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