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Continental Airlines surpasses many organizations in the range of employee benefits that it provides. According to the CEO Larry Kellner, these are aimed at motivating the employees which in turn increases their productivity. The benefits are dependent on the employee’s length of service and the position held within the organization (CAL, 2009). All employees and their immediate family members can travel with the airlines at reduced prices. Family members are inclusive of parents.

Report on Employee Benefits and Retirement TOPICS SPECIFICALLY FOR YOU

Employees of continental Airlines can take vacation leaves and sick leaves whether they are part-time or full-time employees. The leaves are usually paid even though the employee is not going to work. Vacation leaves are given according to the rank of the employee in the company. The employees may choose to take the leave or to take compensation and stay at work. The company has a comprehensive bonus system by which it rewards its employees. First of all, employees are included in a profit sharing plan where they get a share of the company’s success (CAL, 2009).

Recognition bonuses include on-time bonuses which are given to employees who meet their monthly goals for the month and the perfect attendance rewards given for consecutive perfect attendance for several months or years. Continental Airlines provides its employees with Business Travel Accident Insurance and a range of other insurance covers that an employee has to choose after six months of employment. These include life insurance, long-term disability insurance, medical/dental insurance and personal accident insurance. The employee may choose to only cover himself or include his family in the scheme.

(CAL, 2009). Continental also has programs that help its employee in times of need. The ‘We Care’ fund helps pay for basic needs like rent, food and medication in case of an unexpected emergency such as illness, accident, fire among others. The Employee Assistance Program provides referral for treatment of employees experiencing personal difficulties that may affect their performance at work. A scholarship fund is also available for employees and their dependants. (CAL, 2009) Education opportunities and job training is another benefit that Continental employees get from the company.

This helps them to improve their skills and promotes professional development. Continental Airlines operates two retirement schemes for its employees; the company retirement scheme and the 401(k) savings plan. This retirement benefit is in accordance with the US Department of Labor (DOL, 2009) which states that workers have the right to receive retirement benefits from their employers to cater for their survival in the old age. Employees are allowed into the company retirement scheme after they have worked in the company for five years.

The 401(k) is an insurance scheme recommended by the government where the employees can save desired amounts up to the maximum rate set by IRS. Deductions are remitted by employer and they are not subject to income tax. Report on Risk Management and Worker Protection Continental Airlines protects its workers through its safety management system. The system incorporates management of risks in flight operation, maintenance operations, ground operations and aircraft engineering. Not only does the system protect the employees but also does the same for travelers.

The aim of the safety system is to maintain the highest possible safety levels. The company is committed to the safety and health of the employees. This is done through emphasizing on a safe corporate culture. The airline requires the employees to bear responsibility in maintaining safety and elimination of any hazards that may be present at the work place (CAL, 2009). This is especially so to the ground servicemen who should ensure that any machines, airplanes and vehicles are in perfect condition before use to avoid any accidents.

This is especially so given the level of damage that a flight crash could cause both to employees and customers. Continental’s flight 3407 for example crashed in Clarence in February 2009 killing four crew members and 44 passengers. Such incidents must be taken care of by ensuring all flights are in good condition before departing the airport. In its offices, the company has fire fighting devices to curb fires that may arise and alarms have been fitted to aid the employees in alerting fire authorities in case a serious fire arises.

To complement these, emergency exits are strategically located as required by the OSHA rules to ensure that no employee is trapped in the building in case of any emergency such as fire, terrorist invasion among others (OSHA, 2009). Following the 9-11 attacks by the al Qaeda, employees got more concerned about their safety incase of another attack and the company is keen to protect them in case such an incident should occur to them. Continental has come up with an incident management program that will address the occurrence of such incidents.

Part of this program involves educating the employees on risk identification and what procedures to take in case of any attack whether on air or on the ground. Safety measures are well drafted and are available to all the employees for reference. A safety feedback system is also present so that employees can raise any issues that they think may impact on their safety to the management which in turn addresses the problem. Report on Employee Rights The United States department of labor provides that all employees must be treated fairly despite their race, gender or physical disability.

In order to guide these objectives and its commitment to human rights, Continental Airlines has a Human Rights Policy Statement. Continental Airlines is an equal employer and consequently treats all the employees equally by providing a non-discriminatory work environment. The company aims at ensuring freedom of association and at the same time avoids compulsory, forced or bonded labor. This indicates that an employee has the right to decide whether to work for the company or not thus allowing freedom of exit.

In order to ensure that its goals towards respecting human rights are met, the company’s work environment is one that allows honest communication and makes emphasis on respect and dignity in employee relations such that every employee respects the rights of co-workers. In the equality of employees, the company gives fair compensation to workers in the same job level and with similar experience. The employees have rights to remuneration and benefits that the company must give out once they are due.

Continental Airlines is very keen on these and it ensures that all its employees receive their salaries and benefits when they become due. In case of the termination of an employee, the company pays any amount due to the employee in addition to termination benefits that are entitled to him or her. Continental Airlines respects the rights of children as indicated by the department of labor (CAL, 2009). This it does by avoiding all forms of child labor and exploitation of children.

According to DOL (2009), no child shall be employed if he or she has not reached the legal age for employment. The right of employees to union representation is also recognized in the company. The airline pilots belong to the Air Line Pilots Association which in 2007 embarked on revising the pilot’s contracts together with the management and the Continental Pilots Association. In 2005, Continental Airlines gave its field service a chance to be represented by Transport Workers Union though the idea was voted out by the employees.

Kellner, the CEO said that this was probably because of the good relationship, dignity and dialogue that the management shared with the employees such that they do not need to involve a union to settle their grievances. According to DOL (2009), unions ensure that employee welfare is maintained through dialogue with the company to give employees better working conditions. Workers have the right to safety and health as indicated by the department of labor and this is a right that Continental Airlines has tried as much as possible to maintain despite occasional accidents.

As stated in the risk management and worker protection analysis above, the company seeks to protect its employees from any risks that are likely to occur in the course of their work by keeping safety standards within the organization. Employees at Continental enjoy the rights to leaves and breaks as specified by the department of labor. Annual paid leaves are given depending on the job level during which the employees can utilize their travel passes to go for vacations.

The employees are also entitled medical leaves in case they are ill and cannot come to work. Breaks such as lunch breaks and tea breaks provide ample time for the employees to freshen up so that they can do their work much better. Word Count: 1557 Works Cited Continental Airlines (CAL). About Us. Retrieved on April 17, 2009 from www. continental. com United States Department of Labor (DOL). Employee Rights. Retrieved on April 17, 2009 from www. dol. gov Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). Maintaing health and preventing

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