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Exxtreme athletes CORP is a United States based company that was founded by Kelvin and Antwan Robinson. It was established with a vision of creating a comfortable environment to the people interested in maintaining their physique and maximizing their potentials of fitness. Apart from it being a service provider, it manufactures equipments that deal with the fitness of athletes. These brands of athletics equipments are purposed to increase the athletics ability in human race. In analyzing the company, one needs to take into the consideration the following:


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The company has a good reputation through its service delivery and payment incase of unrecognized results. With it using the latest equipments, it has the ability of training interested parties without generally affecting their health.

It also gets recommendations on the use of chemicals that do have a positive effect when it comes to training. This is because, trainees usually pass a lot of issues and thus there is capability of them being affected with stress etc. with the use of these chemicals, like adrenaline, it brings relaxation.

With the company having qualified expatriates in all fields, it provides quality products with the latest models that are comfortable to the athletes.

The company has qualified trainers who have knowledge and experience in specific training modules and can design work outs for every sports.


It is a small company that started in 2008; it has not captured the customers as others. It is still in its initial establishment stage marketwise thus does not have the big market. Since physical training entails a lot of body movement and risky practice, many find it hard to associate with the company for the fear of many things including death. Itself providing the service is a threat.

It is an established company thus has a small capital and revenue margin. This makes it difficult for it to maximize the available opportunity if it emerges. Also for the benefit of economies of scale is difficult for it since the capital base is a bit low thus does not benefit much on economies of scale to reduce its costs.

In its initial stage, the company lacks competitive strength. Since competition is learnt through experience, larger companies outdo it for the same reason as they were in the market long ago.

With its catching up with the trends, it experiences some underperformance, but lucky enough it reacts quickly. This was seen when people were complaining of the effects thus it produced a generator that is capable of doing many things at one time considering temperature and health.


It has a good strategy in market development. With the highly trained staff, it has the capability of securing a big market within a short time.

With its competitive nature, it is capable of securing clients globally. This will ensure that it maximizes on its sales with a higher margin. With the securing clients globally, it takes the advantage of its production of quality equipments and good services offered by the staff.

With reliable marketers, it has a chance to secure new markets. This follows its reputation and conduct throughout the former clients.

With its latest models and fast acting on concerns raised by clients, it tends to fit in the industry for producing the equipment thus sustaining their clients through up to date lifestyle.


Since it is a business oriented organization, it faces a lot of competition from various companies offering the same services and producing same products. For instance edge athletics is the major company that has secured a large niche thus giving competition to exxtreme athletics corp.

Dealing with goods and services in a country needs close supervision from the government thus this tend to be a threat in that taxes paid to the government is much high reducing its revenue margin.

The economy usually grows every minute with new development ideas. With the development of new technologies, it has been a threat since it is not possible for it to have equipments that support the new technology. It is expensive and thus the innovation of new technologies by other companies is quite a threat.

Maintain internal capabilities tend to be a threat in that it faces a lot of pressure form all sides. Dealing with employees and clients at the same time with different issues has a derailing factor in production. It forms part of the obstacles in proceeding.

Environmental issues like the climatic changes also tend to have an effect in the running of the business. For instance, climatic obstacles may hinder the client from going for the training. Also there is the issue with seasons for like athletes, this will tend to invite more clients but when the athletes season is over, only a few will come for practice and the equipments used for athletes will have a decreasing sales margin. This also forms a major threat to the company.

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