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Social facilitation is where an athlete plays the best of their ability at the highest level, i. e. , the world cup, Wimbledon, or even the Olympics. These are all important when we think about motivation and success! Simply social facilitation means the fact that we do some tasks, especially the ones that we have practised a lot, better in front of an audience, or with others around, rather than when we are on our own. A really good team performance will perform better in front of a full stadium rather than an empty one.

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Facilitation is extremely important to the public service because whilst working in any of the services, you will have to deal with any situation with many people watching and getting involved and it will your responsibility to get control of the situation with many people watching and expecting you to do so. Cohesion Cohesion is the continuous changing, which is shown by the tendency of group to stay together in order to achieve certain objectives, targets or goals.

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Therefore individuals are being motivated to staying together as a group by, the person wants to be involved in the group and vales membership, or 2. the benefits they can get from the group. Later research showed that cohesion could be put onto two different types! 1. Task cohesion- relates to how well the team works together to achieve common targets and goals. I. e. to win the league or domestic cup. The teams desire to win and be the best is directly linked to their level of group effort and teamwork. 2. Social cohesion- relates to how much the members of the team like each other and integrate socially!! Leadership Authoritarian This is the traditional leadership, strict and firm.

Authoritarian leaders strict and firm. In Britain the strongest place where you will find authoritarian leadership is in the army. Especially as the army was formed over 100 years ago, in world war1 soldiers had to obey orders promptly and exactly, it’s a case of you do what you are told and when you are told to do it. In every institution, every organised or half-organised group of people was more formal and more authoritarian in the days of World War 1. Even in the churches there was a lot more preaching about hell, the idea of punishment after death, than there is now.

Basically society itself was more authoritarian, and this led to authoritarian leadership in nearly every part of it. Laissez-faire leadership This is the complete opposite of authoritarian leadership, and in a sense it means no leadership whatsoever, there is a French meaning for the word “Laissez-faire” and that is “let the people do what they want”. Complete Laissez-faire leadership is impossible because you can’t have a leader when the people do what they want. It can’t be a leadership when you have no control over nobody. But any leadership that means the people can do as they please is Laissez-faire.

An example of Laissez-faire is when a parent lets their children come in when they want. Or even a university that lets students have no assignment deadlines. In other words, leadership, which normally lets people do what they want is classified as Laissez-faire even though, the leader way have to put their foot down occasionally. After world war2, society itself became a lot more Laissez-faire. For example it was no longer totally shocking for a girl to have sex with her boyfriend. Even later in the 60’s the music industry encouraged all the new ideas of freedom, and it became the in thing to be Laissez-faire.

Democratic leadership

This is the third and final style of leadership, and it has come increasingly popular in the last 20 years. In a way it is seen as a moderate type of leadership. It has the strong style of authoritarian leadership but has the relaxed atmosphere as the Laissez-faire leadership. It has been said that it has the best of both worlds. The word democratic means a shared leadership where everybody has a part to play within the decision making process. Democracy is a form of government where everybody has his or her own say within a person called an “MP” then the MP will integrate all of the ideas given to him/her and then a decision will be made.

The MP is elected into power. In companies, colleges, and even more in the public services, democratic leadership is practiced. People hold meetings, set up working parties and focus groups, and arrange feedback sessions so all the people involved can have their say so that a decision can be made. Effort When David Beckham first started out in football he was in the Tottenham Hotspur youth set up, but he was told he would never play professional football at all!

But his effort in training increased and was snapped by a smaller team just called Manchester united! From being at united he worked with the best footballers in the country and he himself is probably the best right winger and dead ball specialists in the world at this current time! Another example of the effort David Beckham putting in a lot of effort was when he went on loan to Plymouth Argyle, and worked his heart out to then go back to united and to go straight into the first team at united!

Effort is extremely important to the public service because if you do not try your hardest at all times whilst working in the public service then peoples lives could be lost because of you not trying you hardest to complete a task correctly and efficiently, the beat example of this is the special forces who no each others thoughts and feelings and what they will do! I believe the public service that makes the most effort is the fire brigade, because of the fact that they are extremely fit and they put themselves into danger before considering the consequences on what could happen to them!

They are not just looking after human life but animal life as well! They go through immense training and hardship to get fit and have the responsibility for saving lives! They know what to do in certain situations Peer Group Peer group influences could be either positive or negative and are both for the reason and it depends on the type of colleagues you have to weather it is positive influence or negative influences, the main example of a negative influence is when both Maradona cheats (dives, handballs) to win!

Another example is Jurgen Klinsmann who also dived to receive penalties! After lots of speculation about his ease of falling over in the box, he in turn made up his celebration after scoring, to then go over to the crowd and dive to them! Within the public services the main example of peer group pressure is the public themselves! This is because the public don’t want any crime but they want zero tolerance! Most of the public want all criminals top be put straight into prison!

In some cases the public don’t always believe that this should be the case and criminals should be given a second chance! The majority want the criminals put away as soon as possible, this is why they employ the zero tolerance policing! This is also a way to deter future criminals to be put into the position of being in a riot, which can go out of control and end up. Group Dynamics Within sport its been shown that people tend to act differently when surrounded by a large group of people then when they do when they are on their own!

Research into small group has generally revolved around the idea of ‘teams’ and how teachers and coaches can anchorage them to work together to produce effective performance. At first glance you may think how certain group came together. The iner-reationship within the group will involve mutual independence and conformity to the same goals, norms and values! Members of the group need to realise the group’s existence, they will therefore have a group identity, which differentiates themselves from other groups!

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