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Thousands of old ages ago, when world was in the early phases of consciousness, they were able to pull to themselves whatever they needed and wanted without attempt or forfeit. In those times people were thankful for what the Gods provided, so in return for their gratitude, the Gods made certain the people had whatever they needed.A However, someplace along the manner an incident occurred that caused world to endure, digesting hurting and battle in order to acquire their demands fulfilled. What sparked this alteration was a difference of green-eyed monster, ungratefulness, and competition between two goddess sisters, named Nawal and Sanaa. Their difference is what finally created the troubles that today cause worlds assorted challenges before their wants are fulfilled.

Nawal was the goddess of persuasion. She was a beautiful, intelligent, and excessively confident goddess possessing the wisdom required for acquiring whateverA she wanted. Her ability to make this came through her craft ways, which allowed Nawal to rapidly obtain anything she wanted. Whether it was a piece of jewellery, or the attending of a suer, Nawal ever got whatever her bosom desired. But her sister, Sanaa, did non recognize the same consequences. Plain in visual aspect, and nowhere every bit dramatic as her sister, Sanaa, the eldest of the two sisters did non have the same acknowledgment from household and friends or from anyone that came near to her. In fact, she did non even know whether she had any power or domain of influence that other Gods and goddesses possessed, which caused her to go an castaway in the community.

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Although Sanaa was sort and hardworking, no 1 paid attending to her largely because her sister Nawal ‘s beauty and humor outshone Sanaa ‘s in every manner. Sanaa was cognizant of the unfairness and the differences in the manner people treated her and her sister, but she continued on her way, softly working for what she wanted. Despite the undeserved esteem, she loved Nawal, and did non deny her the good she received. Even after their parents died, Sanaa felt it was her duty to take attention of her younger sister by loving her unconditionally. She thought Nawal ‘s big self-importance and deficiency of duty and gratitude for Sanaa ‘s changeless forfeit were the manner Sanaa coped with the loss of parental counsel. Sanaa even believed it would be what her parents wanted her to make. In her bosom, she hoped that her parents would be proud of her for all that she had given her sister.A

One twenty-four hours though, Sanaa ‘s forbearance with Nawal began running low. Watching her sister get everything she wanted was acquiring the best of Sanaa and she began to give consideration to seeking something different. Sanaa confided to Nawal about a find she made that excited her. “ Nawal, I found a beautiful untasted grove beyond Willow Oaks Creek. It has a little but warm xanthous bungalow, every bit good as a little garden where I can turn my ain veggies, and unrecorded peacefullyA without anyone intruding on my life, ” she explained. “ It has been my dream, to acquire off from all the problems around me and to eventually populate in peace. I think I will construct a quiet place for myself where I can populate softly and undisturbed, ” said Sanaa. Nawal replied in a standoffish mode, “ Why would you desire to sequester yourself in the center of nowhere. You need to larn to interact with people and be more societal. Possibly if you tried harder and stopped sequestering yourself from everything, others would wish you every bit much as they like me. Trust me Sanaa, populating in a abandoned wood willA non merely destroy your life, but any effort for you to hold a normal life will be lost, ” stated Nawal. “ Besides, it would merely convey shame to our household. Make you retrieve how much our female parent and male parent loved to convey friends into our place and how they shared the importance of friendly relationship and caring for others? ” she continued. “ I need you to take attention of me. How will I have clip to be a socialite without person looking after me? I need you to remain Sanaa, ” she continued.

Equally much as Sanaa wanted to acquire off from the emphasis of taking attention of her sister, she patiently set aside her dreams for her sister ‘s benefit. She could ne’er believe of destroying her household ‘s image. However, Sanaa could non assist but believe that Nawal likely knew her sister ‘s failings and exploited them for all these years.A However, Sanaa decided to give up her phantasy and go on to care for her sister because it was what she thought her parents would hold wanted.

The following twenty-four hours, Sanaa decided to offer farewell to her dream of get awaying her problems. She thought it would non ache to state adieu to her dream by passing a twenty-four hours lying in the grass and assemblage together the strength she needed to go on her forfeits of felicity, all for the interest of her immature orphaned sister. But what she found in the grove shattered her dream. Sanaa surprisingly found Nawal in the center of the grove. “ What are you making here? ” Sanaa demanded. “ Oh, because of the manner you fondly described this topographic point, I merely had to see why you were doing such a dither, ” Nawal arrogantly replied. “ You are right Sanaa, ” Nawal continued. “ There is something capturing about this topographic point and I have decided I will construct a pool here where the whole community can swim. We will merely cut down these trees and delve a hole. ”

A In horror, Sanaa yelled, “ No, Nawal! You can non make this! I told you this is where I wanted to populate. As a affair of fact, you will no longer be able to make whatever you want whenever you want. Your deficiency of consideration for others, and your inability to appreciate what you have has reached its bound, ” Sanaa shouted, as her voice grew louder and stronger. “ I have decided what is best for you. You will no longer be able to acquire what you want without confronting some challenges. You will merely be able to carry through things by giving and being patient with others, ” Sanaa continued. Nawal so exclaimed, “ Sanaa, our parents would non desire this to go on. They would non desire our household to come apart in this manner, particularly after all I have done for you. ” Sanna cut Nawal off before she could go on. “ No! I will non listen to you utilize our parents to acquire whatA you want! In fact, our parents would non like cognizing you were so easy able to acquire what you wanted, particularly if it meant you had turned into a selfish and careless individual. They would instead you get nil if it means you do n’t trouble oneself to better yourself or be thankful for what you have! ” Shocked by her sister ‘s newfound averment and her involuntariness to passively subject to her sister ‘s bid, Nawal shouted back at Sanaa. “ But I do n’t desire to work, ” yelled Nawal. “ Take back what you said immediately, ” said Nawal. Silence followed as both Sanaa and Nawal were overwhelmed by what each said to the other.

For the first clip of all time, Nawal did non acquire what she wanted, and Sanaa did non follow deferentially. At that minute, Sanaa eventually realized her ain power, the power of transfusing the demand for gratitude and grasp on those who do non demo gratefulness for what they have in life. Sanaa ne’er achieved the cloud nine she wanted, but was alternatively patient and content with what life had given her. Siting in the grove that twenty-four hours, an grove she would subsequently claim for herself, Sanaa resolved to utilize her gifts to present challenges on those who did non demo gratitude for the many blessing life bestowed upon them. Never once more would person have instant pleasance without difficult work and forfeit. Sanaa had eventually found her strength and planned on utilizing it to do those in the universe experience a sense of gratitude and grasp for all that life had given them.

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