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Save a Circuit: Back it up

Current Backup on Home Computer


            We all believe it will never happen to us, but it does. The electrical storm that shorts the computer’s graphic card, the email virus that wipes your hard drive, the teenager who surfs the net only to innocently download a Trojan, or just plain old computer system failures. These are only a few examples of tragedy that can strike a computer system. They are examples of why backup is so important. And in case you were wondering, Mike D. of PCSTATS conducted a survey and found that 10% of respondents lost a computer to lightning strikes and static (2009)! My current system does not have a significant backup. I have two internal drives. One I use for my main work and the secondary acts as a backup. I also use a USB thumb drive to back up documents as needed.

Daily Backups

My backups are taken weekly, on average. However, if I have worked on something extremely important, like my term paper, I back it up right away.

Backup Scheduling

I schedule my backups using Windows system tools (task scheduler) to occur once weekly.

Method of Backing up

There are two methods I use to back up. One is the Windows scheduler described above and the second is by copying my file in windows explorer and pasting it to either my secondary drive or thumb drive.

Back up Storage

            My backups are currently stored on either my internal secondary hard drive or on an external thumb drive (USB). The reason that I store my files on an internal drive is mainly due to cost. I originally purchased the second drive to store my music files, since they are so large. But, as storing backup copies became increasing important to me I decided to use the secondary device as a backup drive. I didn’t have the money to invest in an external drive. The USB thumb drive allows me to back up my documents and take them with me if I need to.

Job Requires Home Use of Computer

            Given that my job now requires me to use my home computer for work related tasks, I realize that I will need to invest in a good backup system. First of all, the internal drive that I currently use does not protect me from a virus that would infect my entire system. Because it is a part of the computer system, physically attached at all times, the secondary drive is just as subject to viruses, static, storms, a house fire and other dangers as my primary drive is. Further, the storage space is limited to about five gigabytes.

            I plan to invest in an online backup system. There are several to choose from and begin as low as $4.99 per month, according to TopTenReviews website (2010). The online backup will protect my data in an offsite environment. This is great, it’s low cost, and I don’t have to worry about losing my backup device, having it destroyed in a fire, or stolen. The only concern I have regarding this plan is security of my data. So of course I will investigate the company I choose and examine their data security plan.


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