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The decisions we make in the present greatly shape our future. It is therefore important that we make the best possible decision, especially on matters of grave importance like our college education. For me, who is leaning towards majoring in Business Administration, I have to decide on which school I should be attending – the University of California Berkeley or the New York University?

Both Haas School of Business (University of California Berkeley) and Stern School of Business (NYU) offer good and solid Business Management courses and a comparison and contrast of their strengths and weaknesses will aid me in making a decision as to which school to attend. Body: University of California Berkeley – Location – Located in California, the Haas School of Business is close to lots of Asian companies and businessmen, making an internship in an international company a whole lot easier.


University of California Berkeley – Opportunity to study abroad – The Haas School of Business offers a few courses, which, when not offered at your particular campus, opens the possibility of studying abroad. University of California Berkeley – Reputation – The Haas School of Business is supposedly the most reputable business school in the country. Online forums often point to UC’s course program when asked about the best business program offering. The difficulty of getting a spot in the business school solidifies this claim.

University of California Berkeley – Getting into Graduate School – Some say that the Ivies (such as UPenn -Wharton, Stanford, or Harvard) might prefer East Coast school graduates over those from the East Coast like UC. New York University – Location – Being close to Wall Street, the Stern school of Business is a viable option for those aspiring to major in business administration. New York University – Opportunity to study abroad – Those majoring in Finance are assured academic time abroad.

New York University – Reputation – Though some say that the Stern School of Business only come in second to the Haas School of Business, most still argue that NYU offers a far better international business program. New York University – Getting into Graduate School – Some say that the Ivies (such as UPenn -Wharton, Stanford, or Harvard) might prefer East Coast school graduates over those from the East Coast, making a NYU graduate a shoo-in for their graduate programs.

Rationale: Though both schools are basically tied in most aspects, from what most online sources and The College Blue Book say, I prefer to attend The Haas School of Business UC over NYU’s Stern School of Business. This is highly-based on a long-standing reputation of the school to produce the best business minds in the country. Also, reputation-wise, UC graduates are preferred not only locally but also internationally.

As to getting into an East Coast graduate school, the preference over East Coast undergraduate schools is a mere speculation. As long as I make the grade, I am confident that coming from a west Coast school won’t mar me from getting in. Conclusion: Both schools are reputable and anyone will be lucky to attend either schools. Considering all factors mentioned, though, University of Berkeley will be a better school to attend to especially for someone who wants to take his career a step further and go international.

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