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There are various segments of a business letter. Although the format of a business letter may slightly differ from one country to another, there are primary components that ought to appear. A business letter must have an organizational letterhead, date, recipients name and address and salutation before the main body of the letter. This is followed by the main body of the letter. After the main body, comes the closing remark which is followed by the signature and name of the author plus their designated position (Luecke, 2005).

The letterhead which is compulsory provides the name of the firm, the postal address and the physical address. Also included in the letter head will be contacts such as Fax and telephone numbers. Most business letters also provide the website URL and email address as part of the letterhead. The letterhead acts as the authentication or signature of the firm (Luecke, 2005). A bold line separates the letterhead from other parts of the letter. This is closely followed by a reference number. The date forms the next important segment of the letter. The recipient’s address should follow clearly written. This gives way for the opening salutation. The salutation should be personalized if addressing an individual for example “Dear Prof. Griffin”. However, if recipient is unknown, then Dear Sir or Madam can work.  On the main body, the introductory paragraph must acknowledge previous communication and give a brief intention of writing (Luecke, 2005). It is in the second and third paragraphs where a detailed account and reason for writing is expounded. A formal closing remark is vital. Some examples include “Respectfully” “Yours faithfully”, “Regards” among others. A signature of the author of the letter is also important. This should be followed closely but on a separate line by the names of the author and the designated position of the author.

Segments of a Business letter TOPICS SPECIFICALLY FOR YOU

Business letters must be formatted. The style used gives the impression of the level of formality of the letter. A well formatted letter may receive good response compared to a poorly done letter though the wording could be the same (Luecke, 2005). Formatting creates the impression.

Question 2

Goodwill at workplace

The perception that employees have on their working environment constitutes goodwill at a workplace. The pay forms an insignificant component of goodwill at the workplace. The relations that the employee and the employer have and the intangible advantages that make working at a particular firm better than others is what goodwill at the workplace entails (Luecke, 2005). Goodwill at the workplace should never be confused for lax rules and regulations that make employee unable to deliver due to lack of order and law. Goodwill is attained when things flow as they should and targets are met. However, the lure for working in this particular firm is so great that employees consider it unwise to leave for even better terms and benefits (Luecke, 2005). For instance, at my workplace, goodwill entails opportunities for career progression, internal employee career progression and a healthy subsidized lunch program. The firm develops employees for consideration for future promotion.

Working with my employer is very exciting. The attachment I have emotionally with the firm is due to the fight for social needs to the surrounding community. Recently, the firm introduced a program where four employees will get a three months paid leave to get attached to certain community and utilize their professional skills in changing the lives of the community. Our firm is the first in doing that in the industry. As an employee, I find it my responsibility to support the goodwill efforts the employer engages in. This is because besides the profits and satisfaction that I receive from my working, my employer and I have the unwritten obligation of extending good cause initiatives to the community. This is what I personally value; being part of the team that made someone’s life better.

Thank you for ordering and buying our Generator ECOGEN TH2900DXE. We regret this item caused you the inconvenience. However, our technical team ascertained the cause of the malfunction and fixed it. The product is now performing excellently. Our assurance is that this will not happen again.

As a company, the satisfaction of out customers is what we cherish. At Dunhill, our products are of high quality. We recognize the model of the product we advertised completely meets the specifications you ordered. Ideally, the company values contracts entered with customers and always never indulges in breaching any arrangement. Therefore, your circumstance is being assessed, although the firm is always stern on goods once sold. In this case, our two years product warranty is valid should anything happen. I have enclosed further print outs on improving the performance on the product. The company is hopefuls that our comrade relations will continue thriving.

We are grateful for your continued support; always feel welcomed should you need clarifications.

RE: Professional Assessment on Mark Smith

Mr. Smith is currently with the firm and has worked with the firm for the last 3 years in the capacity of Materials Requisition Officer at Dunhill Electronics. In this capacity, the firm has been in a position to achieve great strides due to his efficiency. He is punctual, considerate and is a great team player. Additionally, he is an ethical and creative thinker whose impressive judgment enhances efficiency.

The gentleman is very diligent in performing his assignments. However, Mr. Smith sometimes runs short of attention to detail and may sound illogical and somehow irrational at times which comes handy in adding the flavor of thinking outside the box. Despite these shortcomings, at the professional level, his interpersonal skills help in getting things done the right way. In this case, with the necessary directions, he always delivers excellently. I can never doubt that he has the  potential to deliver under any capacity. For any clarifications, feel free to contact me.

Tip Sheet

Persuasive Message

  • Emotional words like; “our esteemed client”, “I assure you”
  • Show commitment like; “it is our duty”, “We value”
  • Simple English, avoid jargon
  • Use honesty ridden words, “in fact”, “Truly”, “In real sense”
  • Avoid suspicion, hit the head of the nail and avoid going round bushes.


  • Testimonial words, “our customers value us because…”, “the firm’s long history in service…”
  • Reward loaded evidence, “While receiving this year’s award for…”, “our highly rated products… ”
  • Indicate pleasure of working there, “Am proud to be a member of the team…”, “Community work the firm is involved…”
  • Indicating the commitment of the firm, “Our continued support…”, “the partnership…”
  • Historical perspective, “We have performed this way…”

Negative or Bad news

  • Showing concern, “I regret to announce…”
  • Remorseful, “The firm did everything…”
  • Indication of diligence, “Despite this, efforts are being made…”
  • Accepting the responsibility, “Everything possible was done to save the situation…”
  • Showing future support, “The firm values continued partnership…”

Good news

  • Happy mood, “Am delighted”
  • Appreciative, thanking all team members, “You made it happen…”
  • Recognition and rewarding, “This best results accompany a …gift”
  • Dedication, “all participants made it happen…”
  • Historical success, “we have been performing this way…”


Luecke, R (2005) Business communication, Boston: Harvard Business School Press

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