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Modern society has become increasingly dependent on mobile phones. It is not the ‘plain’ mobile phones that are changing our daily lifestyles, but what are known as smart phones. Smart phones are the next generation of newly developed phones that can practically do everything that you can wish for. Businesses have benefited from this device . The smart phone also entertains us in various ways. The handheld device allows us to watch movies, listen to music and even play games. We do not realize how much our world has been altered by these small electrical devices that sit in our pockets.

All this sounds fantastic in principle but let us scrutinize the positive and negative aspects of the smart phone. One of the great beneficiaries of this incredible new device has been businesses. It is very convenient for someone who is on the go in and out of the office a lot. With these phones, a businessman can be connected to his office at all times. Some employees nowadays do not have to spend a lot of their working hours at the office, due to the smart phone; they are able to perform all kinds of different tasks at any location.

Smart phones: A reflection TOPICS SPECIFICALLY FOR YOU

This has changed the way people conduct business, thus the smart phone allows them to be more independent. Their smart phones have helped them to become more mobile, therefore increasing the efficiency and thus the amount of work that can be achieved during the day. Instead of sitting behind their desk waiting for the phone to ring they can be out and about drumming up business for the company. For their small size, smart phones can do practically everything that you want. One thing about them is that it is very rare for people to actually use them as phones to call others.

Technological advances allow us to connect to social networking sites that were once available only on the computer, smart phones enable you to be connected to the internet and therefore have access to a plethora of information and hundreds of applications. Smart phones also have the ability for the user to watch a movie; In addition, you can also listen to music. High definition games can also be played on your smart phone giving you hours of entertainment and fun. By having all these applications in the palm of your hand it is so much easier to communicate with your friends as a group rather than individually.

The reasons above are probably why the smart phone has become one of the most popular devices a person can carry with them. The positive things that we get from smart phones are an instant access to the World Wide Web allowing the user to search for any kind of information that the user needs to know at that particular time. You can do a wide range of work, while you are on the go. It does not stop you from wasting your time, whilst you may be stuck in some traffic congestion or on the way to some important meeting.

On the other hand, the educational value of smart phones can actually have a negative effect with students’ academic grades. Research conducted by scientists in New Zealand has shown that 70 percent of new generation students who own smart phones have shown symptoms of addiction towards furiously playing games on their smart phones. After their smart phones were removed due to the concern of their guardians, withdrawal symptoms started to arise as not using their smart phones for a day as a result.

The increasing amount of time that students play with their smart phones is almost equivalent to the time spent on computers. Consequently, researchers say that students’ grades have begun dropping drastically as well as not performing in class as expected by their teachers. Sadly, parents seem not to be bothered about their children’s addiction to smart phones. Smart phones are becoming common in today’s society, their invention has completely re-shaped the way we live our lives. Businessmen have reaped the benefits of using smart phones.

Most people that own a smart phone believe that it has improved their personal lives. The one area where there seems to be some detrimental effects are with younger people. Perhaps, there should be some way in which their time spent on the smart phones can be monitored. In this modern world, there are over 145 million smart phone users around the world and the number is continuing to grow at an astonishing rate; they are even more fashionable than computers, and yet an even bigger impact than the internet.

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