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As a framework that was aimed for social development of marginalized people, a social business will definitely fit to a cooperative of farmers in the agricultural sector. In many places especially in the developing countries wherein farmers are charged heavily and treated unfairly by their lenders andof agricultural products or money, social business in the form of a cooperative that will cater the farmer’s needs will definitely remove or at least reduce this kind of injustice. Through a cooperative that was inspired by a social business approach, the farmers and their family will greatly reduce their cost of production through a cooperative that is  not aiming for maximizing their profits.

Agricultural products such as seeds and other  tools will be catered to the farmers with a better price terms. The small profit that will be earned through this kind of business can be reinvested in the improvement of the life of their clients w with projects such farm to market roads and education for their children. Slowly, this kind of arrangement will be able improve the quality of life of the farmers and their family while maintaining the operation of the social business.


When ask if this arrangement can be applied in the United States, the answer is simple. We had seen here in the United States how our profit-driven societal arrangement had managed to raise a society wherein people will fight over for resources or markets producing lack of harmony, uncertainty and injustice in the society as a whole. If this idea will be realized by the majority of the Americans, it is not hard to imagine that in the future, there will be a major transformation on how we see business. As we realized that the current status quo is producing more injustice and uncertainty than we know and than we can afford, we can expect actions in the American public toward this kind of approach. Though I acknowledge the fact that it is difficult to remove the selfish mindset that brought up our current arrangement, through education, we can expect an America that is dominated by social businesses in the future.

If you ask me if I am willing to work in this kind of company, the answer will be clearly Yes. As a spectator and a scholar that is aware to the growing injustice of our modern world, it is natural for me to look and think outside the box to frameworks that have the potential to remedy our current status. Though many will argue that human is dominated primarily by self interest, we can also cite many instances of sacrifices of the self for a better world of our fellowmen. Deep within every human is a growing urge not only to improve its self but also to improve its fellow men. Considering Abraham Maslow’s idea on self actualization, a social business can be able to bring its employee to the apex of Maslow’s pyramid. A social business can be able to compensate you in your work (though it will not make you rich) while you are making other people’s lives worth living. No matter how much this will sound trivial, this feeling of helping others is one of the most important feeling that must be feel by any person. Without this, we will lose our humanity. Summing it up, I am willing to work with this kind of business.

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