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As a Software Manager in an IT firm, I have received a fair share of constructive feedback on my weaknesses. Basically, my position as one of the leaders in our firm mainly involves technical and operational management. I am currently handling a team of 40 people and during an appraisal session, the most notable feedbacks about me were that I tend to hurry almost everything and that I do not market myself well or lack the initiative to generate new ideas.  Being a leader, my natural response to the feedback was to take it in constructively and do work hard to improve my weaknesses and turn them into strengths.

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Generally, I am an open-minded person. Instead of wallowing in self-pity for the feedbacks I received, I always use those criticisms as a source of inspiration and motivation for me to prove to everyone and especially to myself that I can do much better in any line of work. In short, criticism and feedbacks, such as the ones mentioned above, are very much welcome to me. Moreover, my years of experience in the industry more than taught me how to handle feedbacks.

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Recently, I handled a project in the USA wherein I was tasked develop a SRM product confirming to ITIL standards that can help manage all critical assets using a single infrastructure and common collection of asset and service management best practices as per the ITIL ITSM methodology. In addition, I was also involved in the 2006 ASIAN games project in Qatar in which I lead a 7-member test team that test estimates and planned and performed vendor coordination and Product presentation before stakeholders. In these two projects, I have also received certain feedbacks. These feedbacks pushed me to improve my leadership skills and I believe that at present, I am better-equipped and more versatile than before.  In short, my skills, my knowledge, and most of all my ability to handle feedbacks and criticisms very well more than make me qualified to be considered for admission to the business school. If am fortunate enough to be admitted, I will continue my attitude of constantly improving myself everyday so that someday, I will be a well-rounded and highly adept professional in my field.

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