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The journey as a writer does not have to be a solitary one. Sometimes it may seem that way, especially if you work at home and you do not get to interact or socialize with others through your job as much as some other professions do. However, there are actually many benefits to socialization- not just with anyone- but with other writers who understand what you are going through.

A writer’s support group is a great way to make this happen. You can converse with other writers and share your fears, concerns or celebrations. You will have someone to bounce ideas off of and someone to share your trials and tribulations. Writers are able to support one another and get the moral support they need from someone who understands what they are going through.

Start a Writer’s Support Group TOPICS SPECIFICALLY FOR YOU

Here is how you can start a writer’s support group:

Find your platform: There are now more opportunities than ever before to start a writer’s group. While you can do it locally from your own home, a library or local bookstore, you can also do it online in forums, message boards or even Facebook.

Invite your writers: Once you know where your platform for meeting will be, it’s time to invite your writers. If you don’t know many writers, you may want to open it up to invitations and see what kind of people you get. If you already know fellow writers, you can invite them and ask them to invite their other writer friends. This is networking at its best.

Create a mission statement: You also want to be sure you create some sort of structure with a mission statement. What will your group be for? What rules or guidelines will you have? Laying the foundation with these basic ground rules first will be very important.

Begin participating: Once you have it all together, it’s time to begin participating. As the leader, you might want to kick things off with some posts or information of your own. You can begin with introductions so everyone can get to know one another and the types of writing that you all do. You might decide from there on to create a theme each time you hold a meeting.

Those are the basics and now what you do with your writer’s support group is up to you. It can be a great experience to have others who know what you are going through to meet with regularly.

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