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Madigan Army Medical Center (MAMC) provides general medical center type care, inpatient and outpatient, veterinary care and environmental health services for authorized members of the Armed Forces (primary Fort Lewis and McChord Air Force Base), retired personnel, their family members and other such persons as may be authorized by Congress and the Department of Defense. In the face of globalization and modern technology we have matched the market.

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The Department of Pathology provides high quality diagnostic testing and consultative services in support of optimum patient care while maintaining military readiness. We provide a safe working environment and work together as a team, empowering all members to have a voice in departmental growth and change. We provide an outstanding education for our trainees, both physicians and technicians, and continuing medical and military education for our departmental staff. We accomplish our goals in a customer friendly, cost-effective and fiscally responsible manner.

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In the patient reception area of the lab, we see approximately 500 patients a day that include those patients requesting testing to be done, pick up specimen containers and instructions, drop off specimens that have already been collected, or to just ask questions of the services offered. We intend to start our operations at 0600hrs although we have been operating at 0700hrs. The challenge will be for us to market these new hours to the vast majority of our patients that are in our beneficiary population. The risk we face will be failure to meet consumer’s increased demand.

Strategies used to market this will include updating the information in our web site, publishing the information in the monthly newspaper, providers meetings and word of mouth to visiting patients. After capturing the target people the next vital role will be to retain them, which we will ensure by maintaining quality services and follow ups. To evaluate our performance we will carry out surveys to see the response of the people and thereby react accordingly. The web site will be up to date and offer personalized services.

Our intensive research indicates that other competing health centers open at 0630hrs to 0700hrs and this gives us a limitless growth potential. II. Situational Analysis Our new service that we will be offering at Madigan Army Medical Center’s Department of Pathology will be to offer earlier operating hours for our patient population. We have identified that a good deal of our patient population requires weekly blood draws and also a lot of fasting samples and our patients want to come in as early as possible in order to meet the demands of their schedules.

So, in response to this need, we will be offering earlier hours of operation changing our opening hours from 0700 hrs to 0600 hrs. These hours were offered in the past, but we had to shorten our services due to deployments of our military personnel to support the war effort. It has taken us some time to get new civilian hires approved to maintain our services, so we had to reduce our service hours over the last quarter. We are happy to be able to offer these hours again.

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