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The web is one of the admirations of the modern universe. It should non be confused with the cyberspace. The cyberspace is the substructure ( all the overseas telegrams and engineering ) that allows computing machines to pass on. The web is a series of web pages created in notepad. Notepad is simple package that does n’t arrange text ; this makes it able to be rendered by a web browser, such as Internet Explorer by Microsoft, if written in the right codification ; in this instance HTML and Java Script. The cyberspace revolutionised the manner in which we go about our lives, one of the best illustrations is research. Before the cyberspace became widely available to ordinary people, to research something the library would hold been the first port of call but so hunt engines were developed where people could and still can happen, what is efficaciously a library of web pages.

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A Brief History of the Web

The beginnings of the web can be traced back to the work of Sir Tim Berners Lee ; he has brought over one hundred and one billion people to the web. Tim Berners Lee was working for CERN ( the European Organization for Nuclear Research ) . His occupation was to co-ordinate research and information from computing machines around the Earth, but of class they were all incompatible with one another ; these lead to the creative activity of the web, where everything was compatible no affair where you were in the universe. Tim set about making a topographic point where any piece of information could be linked to another piece of information. To make this he combined hypertext and the cyberspace. The cyberspace is a “ planetary system of interrelated computing machine webs ” . In this web there is the World Wide Web which merely is “ a aggregation of cyberspace sites that offer text, artworks, sound and life resources through hypertext ” .

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The Anatomy of a Web Page

Web pages are viewed by utilizing package called web browsers. There are many web browsers such as Internet Explorer by Microsoft or Safari by Apple. A web browser merely reads the beginning codification of a web page and works out, from the codification, how it will be displayed ; this is called rendering a web page. In the beginning of a web page there will be a figure of tickets, these are:

The hyper text would be displayed as this:

This shows how web pages can render hyper text grade up linguistic communication, it has been given a fount and a specific size, but to alter this more hypertext markup language would be needed, either in the papers it ‘s self or in a cascading manner sheet. Cascading manner sheets ( CSS ) determine the manner a web page is laid out, for illustration, the alliance of text or images or the colorss would wholly be changed within the CSS.

( In this subdivision explain, with illustrations, the construction of the linguistic communication the beginning codification is written in ) .

In the early yearss all the codification to bring forth a web page was written in one papers. But as the web expanded, so web interior decorators frequently wanted to redesign their web sites. This led to the development of manner sheets. A manner sheet or Cascading manner sheet, as antecedently mentioned, determines the layout of the page. The layout was separate codification so it could easy be debugged if anything was to travel incorrect. This was a interruption through because people could alter the visual aspect of the web page while being certain that none of the pages content would alter.

( Explain, with illustrations of their beginning codification, how manner sheets work and are linked to net pages. Explain how they make the occupation of planing a web site easier. You may desire to give an illustration of a celebrated web site and how its design has changed. Use hypertext transfer protocol: //www.archive.org/ to happen a good illustration. )

Reasonably rapidly people wanted the web to make more than show information. They wanted to interact with it. Rather than merely holding inactive web pages, they wanted web pages to supply web services, which needed input from the viewing audiences. Web pages developed so they could back up a assortment of scripting linguistic communications. An illustration of such a scripting linguistic communication is Java book. This meant that pilotage bars and forums could now be made ; java book allowed people to utilize web pages for a much more than merely reading and research. Java book is used most in web sites such as Amazon where reappraisals can be written and viewed by anyone sing the web site ; it besides allowed search engines to germinate because now people could input what they were seeking for.

( Explain here, with illustrations, how a web page can run a book ( plan ) written in JavaScript ) .

There are much more sophisticated ways that web waiters can offer services today. We ‘ll analyze these at A degree. The growing of an synergistic web is frequently known as Web 2.0.

Finding a Needle in a Haystack

The web is turning at an unbelievable rate. In fact, there are 5000 new pages being created every second. The web today is estimated to incorporate about 15 billion web pages.

Finding material on the web shortly became a batch harder. New services developed called Search Engines. The first hunt engine was called Archie and was designed by Alan Emtage in 1990 ; its name came approximately because it is a sawed-off version of archive. The name archive was decided upon because of the manner hunt engines work.

( give a brief history of hunt engines here )

How Search Engines Work

Search engines use spiders to creep the web ; a spider is a piece of package that looks at web pages and archives keywords, but to the plan they will be bit patterns. They manner a spider or sycophant discoveries keywords is by disregarding certain words, such as a, the and it. This means that because it is non looking for some words its hunt has been narrowed, but it has n’t been narrowed plenty. The following thing spiders do is root words, this means that word terminations, for illustration erectile dysfunction or ing, are removed, so if ‘spider ‘ was found on a web page it would go ‘spid ‘ . Spid does n’t do sense to a human that speaks English but a sycophant is merely looking for spot forms that are n’t stop words ( halt words being it, if, and etc. ) . Although spid does n’t do sense there are some words that when stemmed are really similar to another word, like swimming becomes swimm, but this is non swim so can non be confused. When a keyword is found it is archived to a database, this is where Archie got is name, when a word is searched for the web pages it was found on are merely listed as links to the pages found.

( In this subdivision explain in your ain words how a hunt engine plants. Use the PowerPoint as a starting point, but do some of your ain research – a good starting point might be HowStuffWorks. Remember, the cardinal point to acquire over is that computing machines do n’t understand the pages they display. Nor can they read. A computing machine merely works with forms of spots – so seek to explicate how it can recognize words )

How A Search Engine Ranks the Pages It Finds

With so many pages on the web, frequently a hunt will return far excessively many ‘hits ‘ for you to look through. Search engines hence have to rank the pages in order of importance. There are two ways that hunt engines rank web pages, they are, white chapeau SEO and black chapeau SEO ( hunt engine optimization ) , Google use white chapeau SEO, they rank their pages by happening cardinal words, if racing was searched for you would happen about 400,000,000 hits. These are ranked in a certain order ; they are ranked first by the figure of times the keyword appears in the web page, hunt engines besides use link analysis to see how many other pages link to a certain page, therefore it should be of more relevancy. Search engines like Google weigh the importance based on web links, in other words, if there is a extremely graded page linked to your page it will be boosted to a higher rank. seo-process-diagram.jpg

( In this subdivision explain in your ain words how a page ranking system might work. Use the PowerPoint as a starting point, but watch Chris Bishop once more, and make some excess work every bit good. See if you can happen a good diagram that might assist. )

A Bit More About Web Services

Web services have grown tremendously over the last 10 old ages. Most of import has been the growing of e-commerce. This has merely been possible because people can pay for things online. The cyberspace is a public web – everyone can see it, direct messages across it, and, if they are cagey plenty, intercept other peoples messages. So how can people pay for things without their recognition card inside informations being stolen?

( in this subdivision explain the rules behind unafraid minutess. Use Chris Bishop once more as a get downing point – his illustration of how a message is encoded, and how secret keys can be exchanged. )

5000 pages a 2nd, 15billion pages on the web

Page rank is how of import a page is. They are ranked by being linked to other web pages. ( Anchor text ) . Https means secure.

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