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Before an organization sets to achieve a particular goal, it is the guts to dream big that is commendable. Secondly taking the right decisions and forming the right strategies to attain success sets the ball rolling. These are the two preliminary and most important things that were done well by the management of Cisco. There are other factors too that cannot be neglected when accessing the success of Cisco’s ERP implementation. The diligent effort and wholehearted involvement of the top officials right from the scratch till the final implementation of the project is the backbone of the zenith that Cisco has reached.

Gaining the company-wide consensus about the decision to implement ERP, choosing the best people to be a part of the ERP team, using manpower from both technical and non technical fields to form this team keeping the future in mind were also well thought strategies of success. Cisco chose ORACLE and KPMG, which are both very reputed and stable companies to be part of its endeavor. This excellent choice proved to be very useful in the long run.

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Cisco also realized that no matter how well thought out a plan is, applying a clear budget and time commitment to the plan has the potential of making it successful. Last but not the least, standardization of the IT platform architecture across the organization and the decision of doing no customization were also the things that were done well. Cisco took a very a risky step by not doing a thorough business intelligence software at Sysco case or analysis of the finances. These measures were extremely important in order to get an insight of the impact the project would have on the organization’s operations, sales and costs.

Not taking such a massive risk and performing a thorough financial research would have been a better thing to do. In this age of information, technology is changing at rapid pace. Cisco still has immense opportunity to rise in the area of IP-based network. Uptil now Cisco is known as a core information age company. If it wants to continue with this lineage then it will have to keep track of the changing customer needs and rapid advancement in technology in order to grasp all the opportunities that come its way.

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