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Communicating the prospective customers about what the company has for them has to be done efficiently by using effective promotional schemes. Heavy costs are used for promoting a product; therefore, a wise decision has to be taken before just implementing an idea. (Scott, 2007). Service Every customer expects proper service to be provided to them by the company. They not only want a proper before- sales service but its better if the after-sales service is also provided to them. Summary

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The marketing mix is important for an effective strategy as these four P’s are just as important for an organization’s success as four wheels for a car. Keys to Success The company should basically educate the target audience about the goods and services that they are providing and they should inform the customers about what they can do for them. Furthermore, information sessions should be held and the benefits of the company should be highlighted. The target market should always be kept in mind and their needs and wants should always be taken care of.


Marketing Strategies No customer would himself know about the details of what the company has to offer to them and what benefits will they get after using those goods or services. The type of marketing plan being used and how frequently the marketing is to be done depends on the target market of a company. If the company should go for direct marketing by using mailing lists or they should advertise on the television, etc. Should the marketing be done constantly or with time intervals or in certain period of time when the demand of the product is fairly high?

(Brown, 2006). Target Marketing The company should keep in mind all the aspects of the target market. For instance, if the target market is the homeowners and business owners, the strategy of the company should be different as when the target market would be the children. As the homeowners and business owners always look up for ways to reduce their costs, the company can inform tell their customers the ways by which using their commodities, the customers can reduce their costs and can make a change.

However, the strategy in case when the children would be the target market will definitely be different. Positioning The unique benefits that the customer can avail using the company’s commodities should be highlighted and the customer should be informed how their goods and services are different from the rest of the companies.


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