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Burger King proposes to target consumers across all age groups through a range of health food products catering to all kinds of taste buds. This is primarily to ensure maximised reach and increased market share. However, the food industry does not ensure consumer loyalty since the consumers are continuously looking for new and better varieties of options in food that they consume. The company proposes to serve the changing tastes of the consumer and maintain their interest levels by introducing changes in the menu card at regular intervals. This will require extensive research and innovativeness in food preparation and use of ingredients.

Burger King will adopt the following strategies to establish their market presence and increase brand awareness among the target consumer groups in UK: • The company will position its chain of outlets serving high quality and tasty healthy snacks as a preferred eating joint suited to all age groups and budgets. • It will assume strong and aggressive market penetration strategy endorsing the health benefits of the new range of food items served on the platter. • The aggressive marketing campaigns will ensure greater visibility of the products through hoardings and billboards for better and increased brand recognition.

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• Maintain price competitiveness in the market to retain and attract consumers • Ensure easy availability of products to the consumers These measures will ensure effective market penetration and sustenance in the long term. Any product or service to be successful requires efficient management and monitoring of operations right from production stage to ensuring consumer satisfaction. Implementation of effective marketing strategies is as important as supervising the whole process on a continuous basis. In light of these arguments the company will make efforts • to research consumer taste and preference

• to maintain strict controls over the purchase of ingredients to preparation of food items to ensure high quality food items • to create a customer service team that will address customer feedback issues and grievances Growth strategies The company growth strategy focuses on increasing sales through good quality food and efficient service. Addition of dining rooms to create a pleasing ambience and a memorable dining experience, opening of more franchised outlets along with increasing number of company operated restaurants are synonymous to increased sales and revenue.

Burger King maintains a dedicated staff for training and assisting the opening of new franchisees and supervising the franchisee operations. The team helps in monitoring and assessing the quality of food being served, cleanliness of the restaurant, and the service efficiency. They ensure strict adherence to company guidelines and policies. The team sends a report to the franchisees with their observations and in case of any lapses in any area the suggestions to overcome these shortcomings are also given.

This strategy keeps the company updated with all facts and ensures an overall supervision over all its franchisees. The key to success in the franchisee model is uniformity. The uniformity of outlets in terms of design, color-coding, logo, style, menu, and quality is extremely important. Customers are drawn to known brands and the uniformity of the outlets assures them of the brand and quality of service. The franchisee strategy spells success and but with ever changing market trends and rising competition managing this strategy is getting tougher.

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