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In the air transportation industries, five star airline companies give their employees particularly cabin crew’s good compensation and benefits. They are given good rewards for the job they do which is not particularly easy because they are usually transient and away from their loved ones. Qatar airways give their cabin crew an open ended three year contract, and a Tax free salary of 1579 USD plus meal allowances. For their stay in different countries served by the airline they have fully furnished flats with their own bedroom.

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While on land free transport on official duty is provided. A comprehensive medical coverage, life insurance coverage and end of service benefits are provided. And the grand thing is travel concessions can be enjoyed by the employee and some of his chosen relative(Anonymous, (n. d. ), cabin crew benefits). For Singapore Airlines, they offer 3500 SGD for cabin crew’s right after their training. They give free travel to any destination serviced by their company once a year.

After that they get big discount on travelling after they have used the once a year free travel. They also have company bonuses and comprehensive medical and dental coverage(Anonymous,(n. d),cabin crew faq). For easyjet airlines, their cabin crew get basic pay and sector pay. Overnight pay is also available for the crew, while their uniform is also covered.

For additional compensation they are given benefits if they know different languages, and they also get commissions to the food and beverage they sell on flight (Anonymous, (n.d. ), UK contracts) Reference: Anonymous. (n. d. ). U. K. Contracts. http://www. easyjetcareers. com/flight-crew-careers/cabin-crew-careers/salary-and-benefits/uk- contracts. asp Anonymous. (n. d. ). Cabin crew FAQ. http://www. singaporeair. com/saa/en_UK/content/company_info/careers/CabinCrewFAQ. jsp Anonymous. (n. d. ). Cabin Crew Benefits. http://www. qatarairways. com/global/en/cabincrew-benefits. html

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