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The limitations and challenges faced by the knowledge management primarily revolve around the issues related to processes of articulation, evaluation, application and protection of organizational knowledge (Sanchez, 2005). Employing technology and processes to elicit information from the individuals who lack the skills to articulate knowledge is one of the biggest challenges of knowledge management. Another major hurdle is dealing with the resistance of individuals who are sceptical about sharing their knowledge with others.

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Finally evaluating the knowledge and applying it in the standard organisational policy so that it is perceived and followed by the entire organisation also needs time and money to be spent. While the process of knowledge management is being implemented and used, ensuring the sensitive data lies within the boundaries and there is no leakage of the valuable asset is also a great challenge. Internalisation of knowledge, which is a part of knowledge management, implies that some data is essentially reformatted and re-classified, limits sustainability by creating high impedance between the system and the outside world.

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Knowledge Management is closely linked to the concept of organisational learning since both the approaches relate to the organisation’s ability to learn from the past experiences. The challenges and advantages of the strategies developed for the two concepts are also quite similar. Organisational Learning allows an organisation to map the organisations past behaviour and gain an insight into using the past experiences for benefiting the present action.

Organisational learning considers organisations as store houses of hypothesis by means of which links can be established between internal and external environments. When the members of the organisation interact with each other, the stimulus response chains are broken and reformed while the organisation learns to adapt to the changing rules. The first level of change brings about adaptive learning followed by the second stage of reconstructive learning where the entire structure is rebuilt.

Buchel and Probst (2000) state, that Organisational learning is the process perspective of developing organisational knowledge. The continuous changes faced by the organisational knowledge base constitute the organisational learning. Organisational learning focuses on the processes of changing the knowledge base, without explicitly indicating the elements that need to be influenced to bring about learning. Knowledge Management, however, provides an explicit framework that helps in intervening into the knowledge base to enable organisational learning.


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