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The article “The Constitution of the United States,” explains that the power of the President and the Supreme Court. The Constitution is the one that gives the president the power to sign or veto legislation, and take written opinions from the Cabinet, also the armed forces need permission form the President to do anything, they grant rejections and pardons, and also receive ambassadors.

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The Supreme Court is more powerful and the final judge that solves all problems. They can tell the President that their actions are not allowed by the Constitution. It can banish a law if is violating the U.S. Constitution and the Congress have to obey that. They can even tell the government of a state that one there laws breaks a rule in the Constitution. The power is divided between the two branches of government. Also the President goes to the Court to suggest justices.

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The constitution of “every bill” and “every order,” planing or voting must be approved by the President. This does not apply to the constitutional amendments and any other legislative action. Also the president has ten days to accept the approval. There are optional that the President have choose from is to sign the bill, making it law; veto the bill or take no action on the bill during the ten-day period. Sunday’s are not included. If the president vetoes the bill, it can be cancel by both of the houses of Congress.

If there isn’t any action taken from the President then the bill will change the law after ten days without informing them. However, if Congress still doesn’t do anything before the ten days have been expired and the president does not signs the bill. It will be subjected to the pocket veto, which is different from a regular veto. So that the pocket veto cannot be canceled by Congress. The Supreme Court is an important part in the United States system of government.

The Constitution is the one that gives the power to check, if there is a problem than the President and Congress steps in. The Supreme Court is the final judge that solves the main issues in all the cases that involves laws of Congress. The Supreme Court’s appellate and original authority are shared out between the federal judicial powers in the Constitution . The President and the Supreme Court are powerful in there own way and can control everyone, nobody can not obey them.

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