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There is a different work hours between authorities and private offices. For authorities offices, the everyday work hours is on Monday- Saturday since 7.30am until 4.30pm with interrupting for the tiffin clip while private offices usually have no interruption by usage working on one ‘s displacement alternatively to maintain longer hours for illustration ; stores, supermarket, etc.

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Kampuchean have imposts and tradition to hold long and suited relationships in any concern. They trust holding proper behaviour is more of import than work public presentation for illustration ; if you are honorable, responsible for your undertakings, polite and regard to the higher-ups or the higher powers, etc. The higher power will concern and give some wagess to the good employees such as money or power. To give and sentiment, Kampuchean employees prefer to follow the higher-ups ‘ sentiment than against them.

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Kampucheans prefer to better their English accomplishments to heighten themselves to the internationally hence, the English books, magazines or linguistic communication tapes are popular to be the gifts for any concern. Shoes and socks are unsuitable for the gifts because civilizations they believe that the pes is the lowest of their organic structure harmonizing to Buddhist civilizations.

Cambodia has a long history of civilization and civilisation which chiefly influenced by Indian state. Notice from the Cambodians ‘ life involve with the faiths of Buddhism and besides Hinduism. Cambodia population about 95 per centum is Theravada Buddhist harmonizing to relies on rationality, personal experience, and critical analysis. This is the chief Buddhist in Southeast Asia including Cambodia which affected Cambodians ‘ civilization and etiquette in presents and the other are Islam, godlessness, or animism severally.

For illustration ; the conceptual thoughts about karma, Bolshevism, and salvaging face dramas and of import functions in the day-to-day life of Cambodians. For karma, this thought involves with the reason and jurisprudence of action. If you do something, something will be happened follow things that you did. For Bolshevism, Cambodians prefer give precedence to household, group, and society instead than the person. This thought besides concerns about salvaging face which tries to avoid losing person ‘s face in any minutess. Losing face can be occurred when person is criticized or is given regards in the populace. Therefore, if you want to make concern with Cambodia, you should be cognizant of this action to guarantee that you are non misconstruing this construct. The followerss are the tips for salvaging Face ;

Normally the monastics in Cambodia ever extremely regard in the society because they are faithful and admirable. They have similar ways to Thailand for illustration ; they dressed in the colour robes, adult females must avoid touching or passing to the monastics even though she is a monastic ‘s female parent. To hold a conversation with the monastics, you should press the custodies together at the chestA degree for demoing regard to the monastics. For the day-to-day modus operandi of monastics, they are allowed to eat merely to times per yearss which are in the forenoon and tiffin.

Normally, when the Cambodians greet, they normally bow their caput to demo regard with imperativeness the custodies together at chest degree which is rather similar to Thailand. This gesture is known as Som Pas. However, when they greet with the aliens, they normally adapt the salutation of western manner by agitating custodies. Typically, it is improper for the work forces to agitate custodies with Khmer adult females and to embrace, snog, or touch the organic structure of a Khmer adult female are non allowed and unsuitable in this society. To turn to the name of Cambodians, they use “ Lok ” alternatively of Mr. for the adult male and “ Lok Srey ” alternatively of Ms. or Mrs. for the adult female before the first name and family name.

Proper frock is an of import for Cambodians for both work forces and adult females. It can demo their place in the society for illustration, trunkss are considered as the proper frock merely for school kids and it is non proper for both work forces and adult females if they want to travel inside the official topographic points or temples. Making concern in Cambodia besides consider about the proper frock. By and large, to make concern or working in Cambodia work forces wear collared shirts and long bloomerss. For adult females, they wear dress or blouse alternatively short skirts and should non demo their shoulders.

It is a typically in Kampuchean society to convey the gift for the host if you are invited to hold tiffin or dinner at person ‘s place. Normally they give flowers, fruit, cookies, etc. Knifes or crisp things are non popular to be the gifts. Furthermore, gifts are preferred to wrap with colourful paper instead than the white because it means the unhappiness or bereavement. Furthermore, when you want to give the gifts, you should utilize both custodies for demoing attention and gifts are non opened when you received.

Cambodians accent on the formal frock when they are making concern for both domestic and international minutess, contact with the authorities sectors or enter to the official topographic points. Furthermore, holding proper and formal frock show the regard to the people who are making concern with or the topographic points that you will travel at that place. Normally, both work forces and adult females wear a lightweight tropical suit in formal state of affairss. Short pantss and skirts are non suited in the populace. For less formal occasions, it is adequate to have on insouciant shirts and blouses with neckbands.

Kampucheans civilization in communicating is really indirect and non-verbal behaviour therefore, the individual who want to make concern in Cambodia should understand about this civilization and be cognizant of it for illustration ; they prefer soundless when they disagree alternatively of complain in forepart of others, smiling in Cambodia has many significances non merely in the positive ways but besides in the negative ways, etc. Time is besides of import in making concern here. If you arrive late, it means you ignore and do non esteem to the individual who you are making concern with.

Business Card games

Showing the card in making concern is general in Cambodia and it should be exchanged at the beginning of debut. For the concern card, it is better if one side is translated into Khmer. When you present your card or have the card, retrieve to utilize the right manus or both custodies.

Meeting and Greeting

The followerss are some ushers for meeting and salutation in Cambodia ;

For Group meeting you should present people in order to rank.

Handshakes are general nevertheless you should be careful non to be excessively tight which can be considered as aggressive.

It is the tradition that if the adult male is making concern with the adult female, they should maintain distance to avoid misinterpret from the others because Cambodians has a strongly traditional in gender for illustration oculus contact should be kept to a lower limit.

Kampucheans address them with the rubric “ Lok ” for a adult male and “ Lok Srey ” for a adult female with the first name merely or both the first and the last name.


Nowadays the universe is separated in different states and civilization and many people still do n’t cognize much about their international concern spouses and how to cover with them in the right manner. Therefore concern people should necessitate to cognize how they can get by with the foreign spouses.

This portion is emphasized on the cultural dimensions and communicating in South East Asia including Lao and Cambodia. It is an of import to cognize about the cardinal facts of these states if you want to make successful concern in SE Asia.

Cultural Dimensions from Hofstede

High power distance

Societies have important spreads between the higher power and the weak. There is related distinguished to unfairness between the rich and the hapless.

High degree of uncertainness turning away

The civilizations in SE Asia tend to cut down hazard and guarantee fiscal securities, many written regulations, less hazard pickings by directors, “ lower ” labour turnover and less ambitious employees.


Peoples are really interested in long permanent relationships and give precedence to a group, household or society. They care each other in alteration for trueness and tend to demo less single.

High feminity ( low maleness index )

Care each other and quality of life for both work forces and adult females. Directors give their employees more recognition if they have high duty for their undertakings and let them more freedom.

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