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After 2004, the market of smart phones has developed vigorously. The first reason as that diversified applications entered the market and also increased the efficiency of hardware. In addition, with numerous applications and the powerful functions of system integration, smart phones could become increasingly personalized. Apple Inc. Launched its new product, phone, on 29th June, 2007. It is a handheld device which combines functions of camera, personal information management, multimedia player, and wireless communication.

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There is a multi-touch screen on the surface of phone but not traditional physical keyboards. phone has not only ignited an upsurge of the touch panel but also pushed the placement of smart phones forward which possess functions of multimedia and wireless Internet access. Smart phones of Monika N series and High Tech Computer Corporation (ETC) Touch series both have become best sellers. According to the report of a marketing research institution called Derangement (201 1), since 2007 when phone led the smart phone industry to a new era, the market penetration rate of smart phones has ascended continuously.

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On Derangement’s prediction, the shipment of smart phones will increase significantly from 2. 4 hundred million in 2010 to 4. 3 hundred million in 2011 while there will be a aromatic growth in the market penetration rate from 18% to 30%. The other survey form a market research and consulting firm, Parks Associates (201 1), demonstrates that, in 201 5, there will be more than 2 billion people who possess at least one smart phone. Situations, the number of smart phone users will rocket in the future.

The phenomenon is caused by the advanced software and hardware, having become more straightforward and with more user-friendly interfaces. The most important factor is that, nowadays, the general population has become the principal consumer and not only senior businessmen. In other words, smart phones have gradually entered the purchase lists of ordinary people. 3. The impact of smart phones on three aspects When people use smart phones increasingly, every aspect of our life will be influenced by them even more. In this section, their impact on communication, entertainment, and everyday life will be discussed. 3. Communication Due to the abilities of Internet access and various applications, smart phones have had a powerful influence on communication compared to other products, such as mobile phones and personal computers. Generally, smart phones not only change people’s behavior of communication but also provide different methods to transmit people’s feelings. First, there are some new applications which transform the image of communication. Watchstrap, Toolbox, Textures, and Groupie are typical communication applications which are used by many customers. For example, Watchstrap is a cross-platform communication application.

After setting phone numbers, users can record their voice and send it to their friends or family immediately using a Walking-Talkie. With Internet access and this innovative software, people can talk to each other without assistance limitation and paying fees. In other words, telephoning is not the only way that assists people to communicate by voice. Secondly, except for voice, the applications mentioned above can transmit text, pictures, videos, and music as well. Through delivering these multimedia documents, users can convey their feelings more clearly and forward an expression more vividly through the use of icons.

For example, if a user desires to transmit his/her happiness, he/she can send a picture of a smile face but not in words. Furthermore, this function can assists users in sharing their ideas or creative work easily. In addition, smart phones strengthen the function of social network sites (Danna M Boyd, Nicole B Ellison, 2008) which are one of the communication tools. With Wi-If, 36, or Bluetooth, users can surf social network sites, for instance Faceable, Twitter, and Pluck effortlessly. Without carrying laptops or finding desktops, people can sign in these sites and leave messages at any time when they possess smart phones.

This function really shortens the distance of communication on the Internet. 3. 2 Entertainment Mad’s Bobbed, Greg Gimped, and Jonas Headman (2009) point out that when a smart theatres, it could raise consumer purchase desire. In addition, most smart phone companies emphasize the multi-function of their products. Therefore, smart phones have also impacted on people through the entertainment aspect. Games are an important portion of application categories. The most renowned application game is Angry Birds which was designed by a Finland company called Rove Mobile.

Since December 2009, when this game was published on APP Store, more than 12 million users downloaded it. Moreover, Angry Birds have gained popularity and become a character which has many related products. These kinds of applications not only create more interesting leisure activities but also expand the entertainment market. For many users, the most important incentive in purchasing a smart phone is its multimedia function. In the beginning, only the camera function was applied to smart phones. In order to respond to consumers’ demand, a variety of functions were included, such as handheld TV and MPH player.

Recently, portable game console and multimedia player have become the new focus. In a word, people can watch TV and movies, listen to music, and play games by using smart phones instead of bringing different devices when they have free time. Another positive impact of this phenomenon is that it is not necessary to buy other consumer electronic goods. Smart phones will replace MPH players, cameras, and handheld game devices gradually. 3. 3 Everyday Life In an individual’s daily life, smart phones play an important role.

Although some research represents that using smart phones might lead to certain problems, such as information security and addiction, this smart device profits people’s everyday life. To begin with, smart phones enable users to improve their working efficiency and ability with time management. After downloading useful applications, users can keep heir own accounts and administer contacts, schedules, and e-mails. Smart phones can be notebooks as well. Users can record their ideas and create lists immediately and then read these documents at any time.

Originally, people had to execute these tasks between different computers when they were in different places. Now, smart phones have developed the function of connection which assists users to carry out their Jobs while moving. In addition, through using electronic calendars or notebooks, the amount of paper use will decrease considerably. Another effect on everyday life is information collection. Without smart phones, people have to amass the information by using computers or through physical paper work. Nowadays, smart phones are the best tools to obtain information.

When people travel, it is very convenient to find the direction and check the timetable of buses through using smart phones, for example. It is not necessary to carry a cumbersome travel guidebook or a laptop while all the information is on the smart phone. Which means smart phone users do more than one thing at the same time (Cambridge Dictionary online). Because of their tiny size, people usually bring smart phones with them. In some situations, multitasking may make people feel relaxed ND not humdrum, such as playing games by using a smart phone when taking buses.

However, Alien Tugged (2008) points out that when people do more than one thing at the same time, they might suffer from more stress and be inefficient. The most important point is multitasking might lead to danger. According to the research from Governors Highway Safety Association (2011) in the ASSAI, 25% of car accidents were caused by driving cars and using smart phones at the same time. Information security of smart phones is another controversial topic. While people use smart phones, their personal information such as a phone number and e-mail dress might be exposed and this is due to the setting of smart phones or applications.

Then, there are several individual identifications and passwords of different accounts, including online banks, which are saved in each person’s smart phone. If users lose their smart phones, it might threaten the security of their personal information. In brief, instead of a few problems which are caused by smart phones, it is obvious that smart phones have numerous advantages no matter whether in communication, entertainment, or everyday life. They not only change people’s view of the traditional unction’s of mobile phones but also shepherd people to a brand-new world. 4.

Ways the negative impacts can be improved Even though people’s life has benefited from smart phones in many aspects, there is still some negative impact that may be problematic for users. Referring to these defects, people should attempt to modify their habits in using smart phones and think differently about this product while smart phone manufacturers also have to take action. The following are some suggestions to ameliorate the adverse influence. “Connecting People” is a renowned slogan of a multinational communication many, Monika, which possesses the largest market share of smart phones.

No matter how many multimedia functions smart phones have, the principal purpose of designing smart phones is still communication. They assist users in connecting with each other and improving interpersonal relationships. Due to this, the correct notion of using smart phones is that people should not become addicted to these tiny worlds and ignore reality communication. As an illustration, when people dine together, they should not concentrate on their smart phones instead of talking with their families or friends.

People should use smart phones more wisely. This signifies using smart phones at suitable places and at appropriate times. Many teachers grumble about the use of possibility of decreasing efficiency when their staff spend a great deal of time on smart phones. For safety reasons, driving and using smart phones at the same time should be prohibited as well. Smart phone corporations and application software designers should also take responsibility for improving the shortcomings, especially weaknesses of information protection.

They should devote their efforts to developing functions of firewall, antivirus, and burglar-alarm. If a smart phone is stolen unfortunately, its accurate action will be ascertained when the thief turns on the phone. 5. Conclusion Since smart phones were first launched in 1994, due to their rapid development, no matter whether multimedia functions, the capability of Internet access, or the reduction of volume and weight, they have become one of the most common electronic products and this trend will continue in the future.

The increase in the use of smart phones has benefited the communication, entertainment, and everyday life of users. To summarize their positive impact as mentioned in Section 3, these are the following advantages. Firstly, smart phones provide convenience for users. People do not have necessary to carry numerous objects, such as MPH players, cameras, note books, and even maps, when they leave their houses but only a tiny smart phone. This invention contributes to the decrease in the weight of users’ baggage.

Secondly, smart phones can aid improving timeliness. With smart phones, users can take notes, manage their schedules, send and receive e-mails, and record their everyday life through the use of the video or camera immediately. Thirdly, the information circulation has been accelerated by the increase in the number of using smart phones. Smart phone users can transmit their ideas and then acquire new information through the powerful capability of Internet access. Last but not least, smart phones encourage interpersonal relationships.

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