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: It has been good said from NASAs DEEP SPACE – REMOTE site that, its one little measure in the history of infinite flight. But it was one giant spring for computer-kind, with a province of the art unreal intelligence system being given primary bid of a ballistic capsule.

Artificial Intelligence is such a field of survey that seeks to explicate and emulate intelligent behavior in footings of computational procedures that it is now widely being used in NASA in its infinite geographic expeditions missions and experiments. One such package, about which I am traveling to discourse here, is CASPER ( Continuous Activity Scheduling Planning Execution and Replanning ) which has been designed to execute machine-controlled planning of interdependent activities within a system for peculiar demands, restraints, and restriction o resources.

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What is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence is merely the scientific discipline and technology of doing intelligent machines that can execute those undertakings which any human being can make by using intelligence.


Earlier, when the orbiters were sent to the infinite, they were engaged or stuck in a arduous undertakings like motive power, took longer clip than expected in communications with land accountants.

Whatever the information was collected was sent back to Earth in signifier of beams, which was either in good status or bad and so after taking determinations worlds sent the bid to run. It was all a really hazardous and boring occupation as hazard of loss of informations is involved.

How would it be if a machine or a orbiter in infinite can take determinations on its ain and lone send enlightening informations back to Earth, non everything like sing motions, waies etc. ?

It has been made possible that machines can take determinations on their ain even when they are in infinite or any other topographic point. For this, machines should necessitate package which governs it, what determinations to take. One such package named CASPER ( Continuous Activity Scheduling Planning Execution and Replanning ) , is being used by NASA in its infinite geographic expedition missions.


Traditionally, all the ballistic capsules which were sent in the infinite geographic expedition missions ; were controlled by the mission control Centre on Earth i.e. ballistic capsule did what mission control ( at Earth ) ordered it through bids. It acted like a marionette i.e what was ordered to it, it does.

The Artificial Intelligence group at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory ( JPL ) in Pasadena, USA, made the package named CASPER through which ballistic capsule being sent in the infinite will be able to do determinations on their ain.

All the moves, in which way to travel the ballistic capsule and all similar determinations will be taken by the package itself. This will cut down the signal transmittal for each and every move ( either little or large ) up to big extent. In other words we can state that, earlier if any bid that comes from the land or response signal is sent back to Earth, it takes long hours. But NASA ‘s Continuous Activity Scheduling, Planning Execution and Replanning ( CASPER ) package will react immediately as it itself is the determination shaper.

Surveies have shown by utilizing informations from NASA ‘s Galileo ballistic capsule that the package would hold reduced the signals transmittal clip by 100 to 200 times every bit compared to the clip it took earlier.

Before the innovation of undertaking CASPER, be aftering procedure was used in the infinite geographic expedition machines which followed batch-oriented theoretical account but this theoretical account proved to be inappropriate for the infinite traveling vehicles because this theoretical account fails to be antiphonal and doing determinations anytime.

Traditional Batch-oriented theoretical account

To get the better of this drawback, the scientists at the Jet Propulsion

This is a snapshot of working ASPEN package.

Lab ( JPL ) developed CASPER system which was the existent clip and effectual version of the old undertaking known as ASPEN ( Automated Scheduling and Planning Environment ) .

Now, alternatively of batch oriented procedure which considers two facets: 1 ) initial province

2 ) Goal province, CASPER possesses:

  • Current position
  • Current end province
  • Future anticipations
  • Current program


There are immense benefits of utilizing Artificial Intelligence engineering in infinite geographic expedition missions as with this engineering machines can do most of the determinations on their ain. When the ballistic capsule is bind with the Artificially Intelligent package ( which at nowadays is CASPER ) so it possesses legion benefits. Some of the of import of them have been listed below:

  • The ballistic capsule will go more antiphonal to unexpected alterations in the milieus. If it needs to travel to some other topographic point immediately may be due to any alteration in the climatic conditions etc, so it will make up one’s mind on its ain and will travel to the safer topographic point instead than directing signal to earth about its current location and delay for the signal to return which guides it to travel to some other safe topographic point.
  • Harmonizing to the scientists in Jet Propulsion research lab ( JPL ) , the package CASPER will update its programs continuously harmonizing to the environment in which it will be and can cut down its dependence on the prognostic theoretical accounts like inevitable modelling mistakes.
  • As replanning is done after scheduling, planning and executing measure so Fault protection and executing beds will take a really less span of clip in commanding the ballistic capsule.
  • This will salvage a batch of clip which otherwise would travel wasted in conveying unimportant informations
  • Lot of power, nevertheless, is saved by taking real-time determinations.


CASPER is an onboard Artificially Intelligent package that performs the decision-making map for the ballistic capsule. In simple footings I can state that as we see things around us through our eyes, hear from our ears and manipulate things and take determinations with the aid of our encephalon ; in similar manner CASPER works i.e. it takes informations from the ballistic capsule detectors such as cameras, and many other type of detectors and do determinations based on that informations to transport out the mission. It uses uninterrupted determination devising to back up alteration and updating of a current working program without any break.

CASPER really works in three stages:

  • in first stage, planning and programming is done
  • in 2nd stage, planning and executing is done
  • in 3rd stage, replanning is done

Actually, this package has a current end set, a program, a current province, and a theoretical account of the expected hereafter province. After accomplishing its end province or a way to make a end province, it continuously updates the new province as its current province and aging invokes the planning and replanning procedure.

Wherever CASPER is used, it follows a Local Search Algorithm or Framework or iterative fix algorithm to work out planning and programming jobs at a faster gait.

The above snapshot is of the simulator which works as CASPER demoing its assorted constituents and its working.

CASPER follows Continuous Planning Incremental Process which is shown as follows:

Continuous Planing Incremental Plan Extension followed by CASPER

Change of be aftering procedure simply takes 1 to 10 seconds of clip which means it remains extremely updated so the old engineerings. Therefore, it is besides known as short term contriver. The assorted features of this short term contriver are listed below:

  • It makes a waiting line of observation and decides intelligently which observation to see following.
  • It considers all the marks which are present on its list, their visibleness Windowss and their comparative places in the infinite.
  • It besides tracks other resource direction issues like informations direction, comparative scientific discipline and technology observations.

Components OF CASPER

CASPER focuses on Generic ( means General ) Planning and Scheduling application model that can work on CASPER ‘s assorted constituents are as follows:

  • An expressive modeling linguistic communication to let the user to of course specify the application sphere.
  • A restraint direction system for stand foring and keeping sphere operability and resource restraints, every bit good as activity demands.
  • A set of hunt schemes and fix heuristics
  • A temporal logical thinking system for showing for showing and keeping temporal restraints.
  • A graphical interface for visualising programs and agendas.
  • A existent clip system which proctors plan executing and modifies the current program based on activity, province and resource updates.


CASPER has created a revolution in the infinite geographic expedition missions. After its innovation in the twelvemonth 2002, it has been widely under usage and is embedded in all the infinite geographic expedition missions. It has been mostly used in mechanization applications such as listed below:

  • Spacecraft
  • Wanderers
  • Land Communication Stations
  • Non piloted planes and jets ( illustration can be taken from the film STEALTH )

Furthermore, innovation of CASPER lead to operation of Space Infra-red Telescope Facility ( SIRTF ) because much faster response clip of CASPER. This telescope aims at aiming Earth particular musca volitanss.

CASPER has besides been used in the three Corner Sat ( 3CS ) University Nanosat mission of infinite. CASPER helped the 3CS mission in tougher undertakings such as: information proof, replanning, robust executing, multiple model-based anomalousness sensing, control and formation winging. This use of CASPER is known as Autonomous Spacecraft Constellation ( ASC ) .

CASPER besides finds its use in the Fieldss of figure of research paradigms in assorted applications such as: independent wanderers, deep infinite communicating station communicating.


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