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Madonna born on August 16, 1958 her name full name is Madonna Louise Ciccone. Born in the Bay City Michigan of America and subsequently moved to New York in 1977 to prosecute the calling in modern dance. In early yearss she has performed as an creative person in the celebrated breakfast nine and Emmy. She released her foremost introduction album in 1983 ( Madonna ) which became great success. She has emerged as a vocalist, lyrist, actress, and terpsichorean and as an enterpriser. She has sold 300 million transcripts of her albums worldwide. She has been rewarded from burlaps books of universe records as the bestselling female entering creative person of all clip.


All in all Madonna has seen the life really closely, with all ups and downs in her early yearss. She formed her ain set with her ex-boyfriend Steve bray and they moved together into music edifice, where they written new vocals and developed schemes for future. Madonna had tried to reach many music managers, agents and record companies to give her opportunity. In 1981 there was a certain displacement in her success image. Madonna instead than following the stone genre she started doing dance music which was emerging in New York nine. She has put great attempt in doing her image as a new manner icon, where she has adopted fetid jewelry, fabrics and supernumeraries. Madonna ‘s manner was shortly become the new manner for most of the misss around the universe.

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Madonna realised that the dance nines and the DJs are the first measure for her success. She accompany the DJs to play her vocals in nines and her frequent visual aspect with her friends in her slick and funky frocks made people being her fan and friends. The first release was 12-inch which gained immense success in nines and gained Madonna name and celebrity. In 1983 her first album was released which she named as Madonna. Most of the vocals became celebrated and hit the US charts. This was merely a start for Madonna ‘s success during 1986 to 1990 Madonna has released 6 albums and many of the vocals from those albums become the top hits.

Marketing mix

The selling mix is one of the of import models to specify the merchandise or trade name offering. It includes the basic four P ‘s which are named as merchandise, monetary value, topographic point, publicity.


The chief merchandise in Madonna instance is Madonna herself. She was and she still is one of the most successful adult females in music. She made herself as the icon and ideal for the immature coevals. Basically Madonna was non merely about music. She was more than that, she was a manner prima donna, her fabrics and manner thoughts were become celebrated and were adopted by most of the immature coevals misss. Such as her celebrated ticket male child plaything belts, fetid dresss etc. fundamentally her merchandise scheme was based on market development and variegation and something new. Madonna has given a new name to manner and her thoughts of manner were copied by 1000000s.

Monetary value

In early yearss Madonna has put her paths in New York nines to derive popularity, with the aid of DJs. Subsequently on when she became celebrated her album was sold immediately and 8million transcripts were gone from shelves. The monetary value was low-cost harmonizing to that clip client ‘s pocket. Madonna ‘s mark market has ever been the immature coevals and adolescents who love stone and dance music. The monetary value incursion schemes and Madonna image has worked good to derive her name and money.

Topographic point

Madonna has made the whole universe to desire her. Her early yearss of executing started from America New York and she made New York as her get downing point to win the universe. She was one of the most demanded and listened creative person of all times in West. She has gained the name and celebrity by bring forthing herself as a planetary vocalist non to restrict herself to America. Her shows and universe Tourss were great success all around the universe. She penetrated the market via her visual aspects in different states. Madonna has left a immense feeling on people mind.


Madonna has described herself as the hardworking, ambitious and determined lady. She has worked hard on publicities ; she has chosen the best people in the concern to develop her planetary image. She has used the nine DJs to advance her paths in early yearss and subsequently on the agents and organisers who has introduced her to the universe of celebrity. Madonna has worked side by side with the show organizer to set up her shows in which she has shown her direction accomplishments. Her publicity schemes were ever harmonizing to the audience she is traveling to see. In different states she has made visual aspect otherwise with prima donna and raunchy looks she has attracted many Black Marias.

SWOT Analysis of Madonna

Key interest holders of Madonna

Madonna has many different sorts of stakeholders and at different degrees. The chief interest holders for Madonna are given below.



Music managers

Show organisers



National and local governments



Interior designers

Madonna ‘s scheme is ever to seek and follow something new, instead than to lodge into one success expression that hazardous attitude of her got her more success name and celebrity. One of her secret of success is her attitude toward seeking and experimenting new things with her music and personality.

Madonna ‘s image has changed with every Cadmium release, her ‘brand kernel ‘ remain changeless. This is a major portion of her entreaty.

open gender

female authorization


the jubilation of success

religious honestness

Madonna embodies a freedom of spirit, stuff success and politico-sexual honestness which is seen by many as the culmination of feminism.

Plague Analysis

Porter ‘s five forces theoretical account

Value concatenation analysis

Madonna ‘s value concatenation contains few really strong key factors, which start from the show organizers/music directors/producers. Then the operations in which the existent procedure starts to make value for clients. In which all interest holders such as ( choreographers, interior decorators hair stylists, frock interior decorators and phase interior decorators etc. ) work together to do certain clients get what they paid for. Once the operations finish their portion, so it ‘s clip for selling and advancing the event or the merchandise. Selling and publicities is really built-in measure in the value concatenation. The clients have to acquire cognizant of what they traveling to acquire and when and where. It could be done via utilizing different methods of selling communications. Once the selling and publicities has done their portion, it ‘s clip for merchandise to acquire into market and available at Sellerss and selling points. The last portion in that instance is service Madonna ever tries to give the value to its client ‘s money and supply the best and quality clip to her fans.

All these factors help Madonna to acquire competitory advantage in her genre. Peoples are loyal to Madonna and her endowment. Madonna can utilize her name to do more net income via utilizing the distinction and variegation scheme which will assist Madonna to acquire the new success. Madonna could perchance come in to other different classs such as dress, vesture, make-up and jewelry subdivisions where there is a immense female fan following is for Madonna which will acquire her good net incomes in long tally.

Strategic options analysis for Madonna

Madonna is acquiring old ; she is 52 twelvemonth old the market incursion scheme will non be the feasible options. As the bing market is aging and the demographics are altering, so perforating market will non be able to convey the success which Madonna desire. Introducing new merchandises in bing market may work out something but still for Madonna to present something new in bing market might non be a feasible option as mentioned earlier that the bing market has changed drastically but still her strength is R & A ; D as she is really difficult working does homework before making something so there are opportunities of this scheme to work out.

Madonna has still got chance to research and acquire into new markets with her bing merchandises ; there is still the universe which needs to be introduced with Madonna. With some invention in her music and reinventing the paths with new music picture will work out for her. With the aid of engineering Madonna can reinvent her music and do it available via cyberspace to big sum of people across the universe. Its more hazardous than market incursion but as Madonna personality is when there is hazard there is wages.

The best scheme for Madonna is to utilize the variegation scheme. In footings as Madonna has developed herself as the one of the most successful female creative person of all clip. In variegation Madonna could perchance present herself as the new trade name character, via utilizing her personality and name in add-on to join forcesing with new trade names. Madonna is at such phase where people admire her a batch, the debut of new things and merchandises under Madonna name would work out. She can perchance develop new vocalists, present her ain merchandise lines such as cosmetics, jewelry and dresss with Madonna magic touch. Diversification is the most hazardous scheme as the market and clients are both new. There is more wages in this scheme every bit good, if successful Madonna can acquire a new position and topographic point in society and can acquire a new sort of celebrity.

Decision and recommendations

Madonna has seen the life really closely and knows the value of life and money. Madonna ‘s early yearss were difficult and those difficult yearss made her the strong lady, ambitious, determined. She believed that there was something in her and she worked on it and proved herself to be the one of the most successful lady of all clip. The art of utilizing people and understanding the altering tendencies made her successful. Now Madonna has reached the age and name and celebrity where, she do n’t necessitate to be on forepart and utilize the same tactics which she has used during her early success yearss. The universe has changed and emerged in something wholly different manner, the engineering has made it possible to make the clients across the universe. For Madonna should concentrate on cashing her image now. By presenting her ain line of cosmetics, dresss, jewelry etc. she still can be the manner prima donna for new young person. Madonna could possible usage old tactics but with reinventing them harmonizing to the new universe demands and picks. Madonna could perchance work in production and presenting new vocalists and assisting them develop in music industry with Madonna aid. This could perchance maintain Madonna in media eyes.

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