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The safety and security of the employees of an organization is one of the most important responsibilities that a Human Resource Manager has to deal with. It is essential that the human resource manager would be able to create and implement policies that will assure that the working environment of the employees are safe from a security point of view. In line with this, it is also essential that the key safety and security issues of the office of an organization is properly reviewed in order to identify the areas that needs improvement and other measures that should be implemented (Bernardin, 2002).

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In this the case, the human resource manager has to take responsibility on the safety and security policy of a 400-person call center office that is located in the 10th-12th floors of a 20-story tower building. This description of the office should be taken into consideration when planning for the policy that will be implemented. The security process of entering the building is one of the main areas that should be given attention (Hook, 2005).

In this situation, since the office is located at the 10th-12th floors of the tower building, there should be two points of inspection that will check the validity of the employees working for the office. By doing so, any unauthorized personnel that are not working in the building and the office would not easily get inside. The policy will require that the employees of the call-center office should have two identification cards. The first identification card will be presented upon entrance in the building wherein the employees will also have to walk through a metal detector to assure that they are not carrying any deadly weapons.

The other identification card will be a proximity card that will record the attendance of the employees and it will also serve as a security measure as it will require for the fingerprint of the employees before they could enter the office. These security measures would be convenient for the employees as they only have to go through these ordeals upon entering and leaving the premises of the office. Implementing this policy would monitor the comings and goings of the employees.

When it comes to the delivery of goods and other materials to the floors of the office, strict security should also be implemented. The security process of the deliveries for the company would also have two points of security. Upon entrance in the building the delivery personnel should have the necessary identification card from the company that he or she is affiliated in. He or she will present this to the security personnel of the building together with the necessary documents or receipts that will prove that the company is indeed expecting deliveries.

Afterwards, they have to go to the receptionist to inform him or her that they are making a delivery for the company and on those floors. When the delivery personnel are already within the office premises he or she would have to go to the receptionist of the office in order to verify the delivery of the products for the company. By doing so, the call-center office as well as the building will be protected from trespassing of unauthorized people and even from those organizations or groups that go to various offices to ask for solicitations (Hook, 2005).

To further protect the security and safety of the employees of the call-center and the building the policy of the organization would also include the proper behavior and conduct of the employees. The employees would be prohibited to bring in or have unauthorized possession of use firearms, explosives, or other deadly weapons within work related premises. In relation to this, employees are also prohibited in bringing or possessing alcohol and illegal substance.

Not allowing the employees to bring or use these aforementioned things and substances in the office would prevent any untoward behavior or incident that could happen when an employee has these. Moreover, since the office is located at the 10th-12th floors of the building it is also necessary that the human resource manager would implement the necessary policy in time of emergency like fire. There should be a plan that is already created in times like these which will instruct the employees of the fire exit in the floor that they are in.

Preventive measures are also important which is why the office should have the necessary fire extinguishers and sprinklers. As such, these safety and security measures are indeed very important as it give the necessary protection to one of the most valuable assets of the company which are there employees (Bogardus, 2004). References Bernardin, H. J. (2002). Human Resource Management: An Experiential Approach. New York: McGraw-Hill/Irwin. Bogardus, A. M. (2004). Human Resources Jumpstart. California: John Wiley and Sons. Hook, C. (2005). Introducing Human Resource Management. England: Financial Times Prentice Hall.

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