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Without loosing myself into disbelieving what I’m actually seeing possible within family life The Simpsons are always in church on a Sunday with out fail. Marge has all the family ready, although, not all as are outgoing as she is. The family sit around the table to eat their meal, as is done in conventional family routines and nearly always wrong is made right by Marge. So, does this make The Simpsons acceptable?

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Of course it is possible to say yes, it is good to show children right from wrong and when looking for this in the cartoon it is done very well but is it necessary to show the violence and shear uncontrollable behaviour to get this point across. In recent years The Simpsons have gained their own chain of products from beer glasses to pyjamas; a much wanted item for mature adults to children of 3 years. Its hard to believe that the family have also had their own confectionery line, this mainly included crisps, which were named after some of Bart’s famous lines.

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Is it possible to have a packet of crisps named ‘eat my shorts’, well yes according to the producers! Your children are being brain washed into wanting everything to do with absolutely everything yellowish and rude. I would say that children being taught attitude through their snacks is not the best way to go on widening their vocabulary and enabling them to learn from such ridiculous catchphrases. Throughout the whole of The Simpsons cartoon there is a strong need for the most pathetic and saddening things to become funny.

I see this to become a cartoon version of something I would catch on ABC after nine o clock; however, this would be acceptable considering mature adults can understand the erotic humour that may occur from such programmes. I find the question all too often spring to mind; it’s okay for your children to watch The Simpsons but would you want them to watch a late night comedy like South Park? I no I wouldn’t, yet it is on the same level as The Simpsons and what is to say that in the near future we could see South Park on before dark?

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