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This study introduced on UNICOLCLs direction to analyze its attack to information systems direction and use and to do recommendation for betterment. , their pupils are drawn from all corners of the universe to analyze in topics runing from concern and direction to direction information system. Using the pupil application database, pupil registration system, and pupil consequence system of information write a study puting out analysis and recommendation.


Presents, with the betterment of the engineering quickly development, in the current of competitory society, the information engineering alteration the society. People ‘s demand for information has become more and more pressing, usage of information engineering to alter traditional industrial construction, implementing comprehensive direction mechanization.

The Strategic Management Of Information Systems... TOPICS SPECIFICALLY FOR YOU

Information system

Information system is a personal computing machine and other peripheral equipment to composed of information aggregation transmittal storage processing and care, and utilize the system. And aggregation of methods, patterns that transforms informations into information and cognition desired and utile for single and group users in organisations.

2. systems

2.1 Current system failing

At the UNICOLXL college, have system failing. First, when pupils arrive at the college in eventually enroll on the programme they have been accepted on, their inside informations are recorded on the college ‘s pupil registration system.The college would wish to travel to some signifier of online registration process.some pupils have complained that they have to provide their personal inside informations twice. Use of this pattern wage attending to the demands of pupils who use the cardinal registration system in non-traditional ways, including late reachings to the metropolis or transportation pupils and pupils with particular demands that must hold services follow them to their assigned school. Second, due to the communicating job, sometimes, deficiency of communicating between pupils and the school, the talks illness, but the staff without tell the pupil or sent to message, take to student in the school, do n’t hold category. And really easy to misdirect reader to a batch of errors, this in bend leads to student dissatisfaction. Or comprehend and look ability is hapless, cause in the procedure of communicating information transmittal mistake. Third, the official corporate databases outlined earlier are managed by a little dedicated IT squad. At the terminal of each hebdomad all of the corporate databases are backed up and the back ups are stored in the waiter room based in the IT section so that they can be accessed easy in the event of system failure. Many of people, frequently at dark or vacation backup migration informations care system, Because of the high strength work overtime for a long period of clip, for their ain wellness and household life conveying negative influence and with the transition of clip, the work clip is long, working efficiency is lower.

2.2 Replacement integrated systems

When pupil applies to fall in a programme, a determination is made by the programme manager, the application information and the programme manager determination are stored in the database. When pupil application database, pupil registration system, pupil consequence system nexus with the together, the potency of safety, efficient and convenient, cut down the clip. When pupil apply for college on the cyberspace, the application information or pupil of scrutiny consequence car save in database. If subsequently, the instructor want to seek pupil information or pupil consequences, without the information base, can non been searched information. Required to login the information in the database normally you merely necessitate to login at a clip, do n’t necessitate to reiterate and when input the scrutiny consequence, the system shops the pupil personal information and programme together with the Markss the pupil has achieved for each faculty studied. The issues is the chief trouble with the development stage is the debut of bugs or mistakes into the system by developer. The job is that developing a major system requires 10s or 100s or 1000000s of lines of codification ( Dave Chaffey, 2010 ) . When school trial tally of system, in the procedure of running, face the package is incompatible with computing machine system, will go on struggles. Before really implementing the new system into operations, a trial tally of the system is done taking all the bugs, if any. It is an of import stage of a successful system. After codifying the whole plans of the system, a trial program should be developed and run on a given set of trial informations. The end product of the trial tally should fit the expected consequences. Sometimes, system testing is considered as a portion of execution procedure.

2.2.1 Business intelligence

Business intelligence is a collect of concern information and procedure of analysing or direction. Goal is to do the endeavor determination shapers at all degrees to derive cognition or penetration. Advancement to them to do determinations more advantageous for endeavor. Business intelligence include package for database querying and coverage, tools for multidimensional informations analysis, and tools for informations excavation. OLAP supports multidimensional informations analysis, enabling users to see the same information in different ways utilizing multiple dimensions, specifically designed to back up complex analysis of operations ( Laudon, 2012 ) . OLAP for analysis of registration system of tools. The old twelvemonth of examinee information and testee enrollment information as information beginning, utilizing OLAP engineering for registration in the informations implied the influence of the examinee enrollment procedure.

Data excavation is more discovery driven. Data excavation provides penetrations into corporate informations that can non be obtained with OLAP by happening concealed forms and relationships in big databases and deducing regulations from them to foretell future behaviour ( Laudon, 2012 ) . Data excavation is a support of determination procedure, it is chiefly based on unreal intelligence, extremely automated of analysing a concern information. Use the information excavation, pupil of consequence database, wagess or punishes database in analysis, can acquire the rating consequences, to seasonably and right pupils of bad behaviour. An this sorts of system can cut down the work load of instructors and increase the work efficiency.

2.2.2 Continuity with bing systems

When pupil and staff used system find the job, this system should be betterment. First, school can do make up one’s minding how to utilize computing machines to better the school processes. And understanding which portion demand to betterment. Second, should be documented, nil inputs, end products, resources, and the sequence of activities ( Laudon, 2012 ) . The procedure design squad identifies redundant stairss. Third, design the new procedure, the procedure design squad will seek to new procedure, so better the procedure by planing a new one. Fourth, after design the new system, this system will be introduced if this system can used.

However, wholly used new system, it is really risk, because if have a job and all of a sudden interrupt down that would no other system can alter. the old and new systems should run in analogue, in the event of mistakes, the old system can still be used as backup. The college should learn staff use the new system. During usage of the new system, such as the pupil can non come in to school web, they can alter to the old system.

2.2.3 Staff preparation

Before used the system, have to developing fo the staff. The school can set up a sensible clip for employees, when preparation, in the signifier of category to explanation to employees. Let the staffs can existent operation on the computing machine system, the operation system must be include office package, such as universe, excel, power point and entree etc. After preparation, proving for staff, whether they have passed or failed the trial. Besides can through of the public assistance, better the staff ‘ s involvement. And the HR directors should see how to better the use rate of policy and the existent consequence, it should be adjust the public presentation and compensation.

Web sites

The web sites is composed of web page aggregation site or composing of the sphere name and site infinite, includes place page and other pages with hyperlinks files. Equally good as, it is a communicating tools, people can through net sites, realized information that you want to disclosed, or utilize the site to supply web services.

1 Web failing

The college ‘s timetable system is yet another standalone system which is accessed by staff and pupils via a web based interface. Increasingly pupils are geting at college with nomadic devices and the college is looking at doing the timetable more accessible for these device. At school, we can utilize the nomadic phone, surf the cyberspace, look into the timetable system, but the lacks are the desktop screens little, the computing machine screens different between desk screens. Sometimes, use the nomadic phone, surf the cyberspace, without show of nomadic version, every bit good as, could be limited to the Mobile. Particularly, airing your location without WIFI, can non be surfing, you will pay the mony, purchase the cyberspace card.

3.2 Improvement of web

With the development of web engineering, people have been able to into database technique to the web. which USES a database system for assorted complex informations for effectual direction and speedy retrieve, and administer these informations harmonizing to the distant client specific entree petition, real-time dynamic pages to question, and so transmitted to the client browser show.

3.3 Mobile interaction

With the nomadic communicating and computing machine communicating engineering of rapid development, the outgrowth of nomadic interaction will do the concern in a new concern theoretical account, every unit utilizing via SMS platform client of direction capablenesss, builded complete item of database. And harmonizing to difference demands of difference clients, in order to message ways direct their mark client to peculiar concern information, publicity information, booking via Mobile or synergistic communicating etc. This theoretical account improved service of tarted and cut down the publicity cost, enriched the different clients personalized service of content, at the same clip addition of an other sorts of concern theoretical account. The college can used WAP, wap is the abbreviation of wireless application protocol and it is a planetary criterion for all wireless systems.WAP can merely necessitate of support to WAP placeholder waiter and nomadic phones. User can utilize wireless handheld devices, such as PDA, nomadic phones, beepers, bipartisan wireless, smart phones, etc, that through WAP entree to information. Educational disposal direction system based on WAP Mobile in add-on of complement to the bing system. The pupil used mobile phone, choose classs within a specified clip, published advice and suggestions about the instruction and look into the consequence and class timetable. Combine of the WAP engineering and educational disposal, To run into the peculiar groups of demands of information, and to better the efficiency of the full instruction direction system. Or can unite of the JSP engineering and WAP engineering, implements of the dynamic WAP applications, in the procedure of system execution, can work out the related proficient jobs, this job include procedure of execution to the WAP campus web environment, WML page constituents, database and stored process, digital pilotage etc.

3.4 Staff and pupil portals

The colleges portal for the internal direction and external public dealingss propaganda has of import strategic significance, web site in the information released, can be update at anytime, can supply interactive of communicating map. The university web site portal besides include forum, group purchasing, community and shop etc, so convenience. when you log in the school websitei??you can first clip browse of assorted information and update and station of information everyday. In staff portals, The Teacher Portal is meant to be a one-stop store for instructors to entree of import territory applications, pupil informations, and studies while supplying indispensable curricular and planning resources to ease differentiated direction. Besides can quick positions of critical pupil informations and studies, single-sign-on entree to often used applications, position of pupil coverage and analysis capablenesss and cheque of scheduler, input of pupil attending etc. The jobs are when talks log in, they have to input many times, they have a many history figure, this sorts of design, make the problem of them, really incommodiousness. So the school can used one history figure, enter the interface, can cut down the clip, and improved work efficiency.

4. Security

4.1 Failing

When a pupil enroll they are allocated a pupil ID.this ID, together with the school system. Now, the many school here have been a figure of issues associating to pupil maltreatment of the IT installations. the failing are Weak and susceptible to legion onslaughts and security depends on the users ‘ ability to keep the user ID and watchword secret. If the security defects, so many computing machine felons to steal user information of pupil and school, and easy modify any user ‘s watchword. And may take to terrible concern break or important information may be lost. Cause tremendous loss of pupil and school.

4.2 Security

The jobs computing machine virus, is a high intelligent offense, can non easy to obtain evidenced, harm hazard little, to excite the consciousness of offense and condemnable activities. The computing machine offenses are hacker, offenses can be performed by foreigners penetrate a computing machine system or by insider who are authorized to utilize the computing machine system. Hacker general intrude into computing machine system, steal the user ‘s ID, watchword and information, image, consequence in the user ‘s information to be stealed. The other job is vulnerable of systems. And it ‘s a rogue package plan that attaches itself to other package plans, normally without user cognition or permission. At school, in order to prevent of sensitive informations, such as ID and watchwords in the web transmittal of damaged, alteration and leaked. Must be in sensitive informations is encrypted before come ining the web transmittal, in order to forestall the informations to be embezzle. Due to data encoding will increase the client and the waiter burden of processing clip, so, it is recommended that merely for sensitive informations is encrypted transmittal, and other informations can be straight in the web transmittal, increase the response times and treating power. In order to prevent of web malicious users, can be in the front-end waiter installed firewall, the firewall is installed between the client and the waiter of a protecting wall, it can let the client legitimate entree to the waiter, to forestall unauthorised entree, improved security of waiters.

4.3 Policy

Identified the hazards to school systems, the school demand to develop a security policy for protecting the assets. The security policy drives policies finding acceptable usage of the school. To pupils, many school territories instructors, staff and pupils of the acceptable usage policy preparation and execution. policies help protect school systems from any liability incurred by leting pupils, instructors, and staff entree to the assortment of information on the Internet. Acceptable usage policy defines acceptable utilizations of the information resource and equipment, including desktop, laptop computing machines, wireless devices, telephones, an cyberspace. Security policy besides include proviso for individuality direction. Identity direction consists of concern procedures and package tools for placing the valid users of a system and commanding their entree to system resource.

4.4 Business continuity planning

Business continuity planning focuses on how the company can reconstruct concern operations after a catastrophe strikes.such as the premises firing down or implosion therapy, temblor, hurricane and a big graduated table larceny of equipment or a entire failure of the school ‘s IT system. The concern continuity program identifies critical concern procedures and determines action programs for managing mission critical maps if systems break down. The papers should place and prioritise which systems and procedures must be sustained and supply the necessary information for keeping them. The needed to do of determination is recovery, concern recovery is a concern procedure of somewhat lower sensitiveness of the startup clip, Business recovery depends on the beginning of the clip in the clip sensitive concern procedure demand clip. In concern recovery, need to backup device in restore the operating system, When functioning the cardinal map of the application after the system recovery, need to reconstruct from the backup tapes or other offsite backup media informations. Backup informations must ever in keep synchronism, Reconstruction of informations should be with a concern break at a preset clip before the information is consistent. During the have different of database, so the Reconstruction of each information must run into the consistence status of required informations, after synchronism of informations must frequently for reappraisal and maintain its effectivity

4.4.1 Cloud calculating solution – benefits

Cloud calculating enables users to hive away files and package remotely, instead than on a difficult thrust or waiter at their office. In the school, through cloud calculating to supply IT substructure, can salvage the costs, can non purchase expensive hardware devices. The cloud computer science can solution for catastrophe, Recover informations, merely open the practical waiter and guarantee that the right constellation of the web to return to work can complete. The cloud calculating besides have some jobs, such as deficiency of security.How to forestall cloud calculating platform sellers, spying on client informations and plans. In the school, harmonizing to the demand for schools, can utilize the cloud computer science and cloud calculating service manner, set up cloud calculating centre in school, physique of public platform cloud substructure cloud and high-performance computer science clouds.


In decision, College pupil direction work is an of import portion of the work of colleges and universities, with the development of higher instruction, the enlargement of colleges and universities, the addition of the figure of pupils, for pupils of all sorts of information drumhead statistics and analysis of stuff pulverization faces many troubles. At present, many colleges and universities for pupils to a assortment of information direction is through the manual sorting or stand-alone computing machines work through of usage the pupil application system, pupil registration system and pupil consequence system, can be analyzed, the old system alteration to be new system. The college use the school direction system by managed.

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