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The traditional business of retailers has now been a trend to have an online presence as well. This new move in business strategy is called the ‘bricks and clicks’ – having both offline and online presence to serve wide range of customers.  Employing such strategy in business requires careful planning but is advantageous to businesses that already have a logistics and supply network available on their offline business. This way it is easier to establish you online presence.

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Toys R US is one of the successful business firms who applied this strategy – having their products retailed online with e-commerce system. Since they already have existing products and services offered, it is ideal to put it online. An advantage of this practice includes having a core competency which will be more extensive reach customers.

With the existing product supply, there is no need to establish networks of dealers to setup an online storefront. More so, with the existing distribution channel and existing customer base, a feasible business can resume to trade online with less setup time. All is needed to be done is to do the online storefront. Obviously, having such type of business will less cost for investment for both labors and capital itself.

Although this would be a good move for the company, the risk of having fraud incidents fro customers is a reality. Online scam and fraud using fictitious persona and using stolen credit cards for purchase requires a cautious system. This practice allows the company to have some sort of security measures implemented from the time a customer use the shopping cart. Dot.com industry is becoming more of a requirement for businesses to boost exposure to customers whether be it online or offline. The fact still remains that in any kind of business there is always a gain and loss during its operation.


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