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Multinational companies or a SME adhere to a particular procedure and pattern for handing over pink slips and quite alarmingly, these have become a common scenario in these times as City Bank Group, ABN Amro Bank, Bank of America have been cutting jobs due to many factors. In such situation, factors that are considered are viz., which positions do not carry workload or does not produce business to the company, who are reaching to the near retirement time in lower positions, bright and energetic youth who can find jobs elsewhere as the cutting of jobs has become necessary, performance evaluation, moderate, reasonable or poor and quite evidently poor performers have to be given pink slips as there is no choice for the company to permit with an opportunity to improve and provide training and guidance for making improvement in employment.

Families that thrive on low-income, wherein there is only a single income for the family, such employees must be given priority, as these employees feel quite responsible with the job in discharge of duties, as there is a realization of shouldering responsibility for the entire family which drives energies and enables to work in more efficient method.

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Management of human resources is also a social responsibility apart from practicing business ethics while managing people.  In the era of global economy, practice of business ethics is an important aspect with the fact that, corporate sector cannot afford to lose its image and reputation for the growth and business turnover a company records each year by producing various products and services. Therefore,  “Think global, act local” is the buzz that must be adopted whether it is a Wal-Mart, Star-buck or Pizza hut, employees must be treated with respect even in the status of cutting jobs.  It must be remembered that best practice of business ethics, is evident that in the event of scams and scandals, staying honest brings the wheels of good time back to the company whereas unprofessional methods would not yield best results for the company in the long-term.

A patient visits a doctor for treatment on the basis of mere trust. Even it is the doctor’s wife, or daughter, the duty of a doctor is to treat patient with a professional conduct. Doctor does not put in more efforts for daughter and less efforts for an outsider whereas the treatment and effort is same. The point here is, a thorough professional, is above the limits of personal relationships whereas these come much later after considering the profession which means doctors have to pursue professional ethics while treating patients as sole objective and in fact trust only exists between doctor and patient.

Similar to the above, many recruitments are made within the company, on the basis of caliber, skill, education, work experience and on the conduct of a candidate. Directors who hold senior positions in companies, possess capacity to assess the IQ of each and every candidate in a short span of time. Again the point here is, Directors are fiduciary assets for the company who are legally held responsible for any non-compliance of company rules and regulations. Director’s niece is also an applicant, who is approaching the company for a position and what is assessed here first, whether the candidate can perform well in the job, and secondly, personal relations stands in the last column of work environment, and therefore, niece to be advised to apply on self-basis, whereas, director is advised to be in the panel of selection board,  with a note that the candidate is the niece of director.  Panel would appreciate this approach and would certainly recommend director’s niece to the position.  Director carries a dignitary position in a company which is why, performance management and event management have to be in the same cadre and position.


Accessed 17 December, 2008


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