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Firstly manager need to understand about the working capacities of each and every employee. Individual assessment of strengths, skills and abilities apart from behavior, interaction with other employees and how synergetic employees are while working in groups.

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There are many kind of employees in an organization, viz. , who spend too much time in conversing with employees, who concentrate on work alone and stay calm, who are moderately friendly and quite efficient in delivering work in time and do not waste time in chatting, gossip or any other within the working hours.

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A manager can always arrange for employee meetings, explain in detail about the benefits in working together and provide examples of case studies that are closely relevant to the organization and encourage employees to form groups / teams to undertake project work or any task that is important for the growth and business of organizations. Manager must provide complete training, clarify queries, and provide motivation how benefiting the groups tasks are either in providing incentives or in lessening the portion of allocation of work/task to each team member.

Employees who are introverts or too reticent are also encouraged and motivated by drawing the inspiration from other employees. A manager must work towards a complacent atmosphere among the employees in group works which is essential feature of team work. All the team members have to agree with each other in delivering quality work and the thinking process and time management must be efficiently managed.

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