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This research paper will deal with the current hesitation of the Michael Kors brand to develop a larger presence in cyberspace. It will initially give a brief background on Michael Kors and his brand philosophy and the possibility of using the Social Networking Sites (SNS) to promote the brand to a younger consumer base. It will tackle on the basis of online marketing techniques such as: • Creating a blog • E-mail blasts • Brand profile on SNS The Michael Kors website is both useful and popular but it also needs to adapt to the changing trends of its consumers.

As a company trying to develop a more permanent online presence to reach a larger market of young adults, this research paper will be able to determine whether SNS would be beneficial to the company’s interest for the long-term. Narrative Report: Michael Kors is currently interested in developing their presence in cyberspace, notably on social networks such as Facebook and Twitter. It seems that in today’s technological society, many fashion-based companies are increasing their advertising by using social networks and, as a result, have increased their sales and overall popularity with a specific demographic.

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Based on research to date, there is a strong correlation between the presence in cyberspace and increased popularity. Also, it has become progressively important to use the Internet, and social networks, to communicate with target audiences and demonstrate the company’s prominence in the clothing industry. At Michael Kors, there is a strong belief that the use of social networks would increase the number of customers in the younger demographic. Social networks become increasingly popular, and fashion brands that are currently connected in cyberspace have shown to thrive through social networking.

Cartier, a famous jeweler, allowed their customers to download twelve songs for free on the Internet, as a promotional event for the launch of one of their new products. Online advertising can be more effective than expensive print advertising because it can more easily be updated and altered. Therefore, if Michael Kors created a company Facebook page or Twitter account, the availability to connect and promote the brand to an online community and eventually bring in a new demographic of younger consumers.

It is most important to include the recent boom and popularity of social network and bring in examples or other companies, notably in fashion, which have benefited from having an online presence. Additionally, the main reason that Michael Kors would like to expand online is to target a younger demographic of consumers, notably in the age-range of social network users (15-30 yrs old). Based on current research, it would seem that the involvement of Michael Kors in cyberspace could drastically augment the customer database and create an online committee, or fan club, of the brand.

This would allow Michael Kors to launch new products and promote their many fashion lines to a more present community. Furthermore, there is an overall consensus that the development of the brand on social networks can lead to mostly positive benefits for the brand in general, as the average person spend 3 hours on the internet daily . The feedback from the fans would create a relationship with the brand that would enable Michael Kors to adjust the level of their online commitment and gauge more closely the kind of products that their fans are interested in, while advertising their product at the same time.

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