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India has a key position on World Tourism Map at present. India has become a tourism paradise as it has a lot of destinations to offer to the travelers. One can explore India in different ways by visiting its flora & fauna, art & architecture, history & culture, religion & mythology, mighty rivers & snow clad mountain ranges in north of Himalaya, sun touched beaches, dense forests, rear oasis & deep desert, balmy backwaters, historical monuments, folk dances and costume, multi- cuisine & herbal spa, fun & adventure and quaint countryside of Indian villages and cities through our set Indian tour packages and tour packages made of demand as your tour requirements.
It’s the human nature to explore the newest or the oldest tourist destination to gain some extra ordinary experience while travel to some country so has India if you opt to go on our India Tour packages which make you travel and experience through our remote traditional villages with ancient culture, myths & mythology, small & big cities with mixed culture, Metro cities with cosmopolitan culture, prehistoric to Mughal Monuments, ruins and heritage buildings, warm hospitality.
We also make you experience our diversity of culture, caste, religions, cuisines, dresses, dances, dialects, temples, fragrant gardens, the undulating desert, valleys and waterfalls, and world famous true love symbol “Taj Mahal” and many other UNESCO listed monuments.
India can fulfill the desire of any tourist from any country of any taste of travelling as it is so vast country in the world with the largest democracy. India is also the spiritual guru for the world as the roots of all the religions have the origin in India.
Golden Triangle Tour of India “Delhi-Agra-Jaipur” is the most popular tour including Rajasthan Tour in common for the short time visitors.
DELHI:- Delhi is the Capital of India divided in two parts as old and New Delhi. Existence of Delhi is about 5000 Years old when it was called Indraprasheth then Capital of Pandavas during Lord Krishna age. Later it remained the capital of Hindu kings and in the 10th century Delhi was invaded by Kutub-din-Aibek of slave dynasty and after it was ruled by Khiliji, Tuglaq, Saiad, Lodhi and Mughal dynasty and finally English took over and India got independence on 15th of August 1947 and again remained the Capital of India.
Therefore we have many historical monuments of different age located in Delhi. In New Delhi we have mainly Govt. buildings and in old Delhi we have real old bazaar, houses, lanes, temples, Mosques and Mughal Monuments. Beside this all Gandhi’s Memorial called Raj Ghat is a special destination to visit.
AGRA:- Although Agra is again about 5000 years old like Delhi as birth place of Lord Krishna is only 65 K.M. from Agra which is known as Mathura in Uttar Pradesh. 1st Mughal King Babur made it a Capital and developed it more and later his descendent s build Taj Mahal, Agra Fort, Fatehpur Sikri, Sikandra and Etmad-ud-daula’Tomb and became the prime tourist destination.
Jaipur:- City of Jaipur was developed by Sawai Jai Singh II in 1728 in “Pink Color” all around to give it a uniformity from visible point of view. We have charming Rajasthan culture, best maintained palaces, and admirable 950 small windows’s wind palace and excursion to Amber Fort as the main tourist destination.
OTHER MAIN DESTINATIONS:- Whole Rajasthan is wonderful whether you visit Udaipur (the city of lakes), Jodhpur, Bikaner, Jaiselmer, Chittor, Mount Abu etc. Beside this You may opt to go to Varanasi which is famous for Ganga Ghats and spiritualism or you may select to visit Khajuraho- the place famous for erotic arts.
Over all India is safer destination to Tourist Destinations in India learn more kindly log on us on our website

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